Henry Winkler Talks Unlikely Bromance With Patrick Mahomes

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We’ve got an unlikely friendship brewing between Patrick Mahomes and none other than Henry Winkler — Arthur Fonzarelli himself.

TMZ Sports caught up with the Nicest Man in Hollywood and asked how his friendship with the Chief’s signal caller got started.

As it turns out, Rich Eisen was the middleman.

“It started with a sense of humor on The Rich Eisen Show,” Winkler said. “Rich Eisen is responsible for the Henry Winkler Patrick Mahomes friendship.

“Because I was joking with Rich and he played it for Patrick when Patrick called in. Patrick then invited me to the game.”

Henry Winkler and Patrick Mahomes chat it up ahead of the Chargers ahead of the Chargers-Chiefs game in Los Angeles earlier this season. A stuffed chicken meal was discussed. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

The Friendship Started Thanks To An Offer of Ricotta And Spinach-Stuffed Chicken

Winkler said that the clip Eisen played was him talking about how if Mahomes came to his house he would give serve a chicken stuffed with ricotta and spinach with a reduction.

Ricotta and spinach-stuffed chicken at Casa de Fonz? Where does one sign up for this?

From there, the Barry star hit up the Chiefs-Chargers game in Los Angeles to watch his pal at work.

“I met him on the field just — now he’s just before a game — we’re talking like we’re chatting on the street,” Winkler said. “He runs off, turns around, he said, ‘I’m gonna take you up on that dinner.'”

Winkler said that dinner has yet to happen because he wants to let Mahomes lead his Chiefs to another Super Bowl.

When asked if he thought Mahomes was better than Tom Brady, Winkler busted out some sagely, Fonzie-like wisdom.

“No one is better than; he is great in his own,” said the man who made who can fix jukeboxes with a well-placed whack.

TMZ Sports also asked Winkler if he had a gift for his pal’s new baby.

“I did,” Winkler said, though he was mum on the details.

It sounds like the Mahomes-Winkler summit is scheduled for sometime in the offseason. Hopefully, we’ll soon hear more about that Winkler family stuffed chicken.

It sounds pretty killer.

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