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Yes, I know its a Masters Friday, so diving into the weekend with pickleball seems a bit odd. I get it. But you try going on a walk around the same park for the 700th time with your toddler and have her stop and stare at the huge gathering around the pickleball courts and not come home and feature Parris Todd on New Star Friday.

Yeah, it ain’t easy. Plus, you know, how many more content creators does the golf world need? I mean, my God. We get it. And hey! I didn’t even call Parris the Paige Spiranac of pickleball in the headline, which would have been easy clicks.

So don’t you dare accuse me of be clickbaitey. Not today, at least. Big brother Screencaps addressed that beautifully here this morning, and Joe actually made some good points that I hadn’t even thought about.

Where were we? Oh, right! Parris Todd. We’ll get to her in a bit.

Along the way, we revisit yesterdays Bud Light takedown with a couple reader emails, watch the new Indiana Jones trailer with a collective tear in our eye, try like hell to talk about dwarfism without getting canceled and revisit one of the most underrated sitcoms of all time — King of Queens.

I assume there will be other things that I stumble upon before wrapping up, but I reckon ya’ll will just have to wait and see.

Grab one of Dick’s Yuenglings as we wait out this Masters rain delay and go to the bathroom for five minutes of quiet time while the kids get ready for a big night. Let’s cap the week with a Friday edition of Nightcaps like the great Americans we are.

Yuengling is coming for Busch Light.
Yuenglings may replace Busch Light here pretty soon. (Photo by Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Bud Light hate leads to a new beginning with Dick Yuengling

Speaking of great Americans …

Yesterday’s Nightcaps addressed Bud Light’s favorite transgender — Dylan Mulvaney. Go ahead and read it if you haven’t (clicks!), but the point was that Bud Light was a trash beer way before plastering Dylan on their cans.

Anyway, it sparked quite the reaction — shocking! — and led to a couple Nightcaps readers giving this Nightcaps writer a history lesson.

From Charlie:

Why not boycott all of the AB InBev brands and go with a decent tasting beer . . . Yuengling.  The oldest brewery in American, fifth-generation American owned and patriotic. Get off the Belgian brewer’s brands and go American!

I didn’t mention that Dick Yuengling, the owner, got into trouble in 2016 and faced a boycott of his own when he came out in support of Donald Trump for President.

My immediate response?

You had me at Dick Yuengling.

I’ll be honest with you, I had no idea Yuengling was a great American beer with a Trump-supporting president who goes by the name Dick Yuengling. That’s probably somewhat embarrassing to admit, but I’m a man of integrity and Nightcaps has class, so we don’t hide things here.

It’s a safe space — probably not one Dylan would like, though.

Anyway, I clearly have some things to think about. I’m a Busch Light guy, but they’re obviously in hot water right now. Is it time to make the switch to Yuengling? More importantly, is Yuengling readily available in cans at all Publix’s and Walmarts? I can’t do bottles. Not exclusively, at least.

The winds are shifting, and I’m torn. Big decision to make — especially with summer right around the corner.

I’m off to Publix in about an hour to stock up for Masters weekend. Gonna need some more opinions before I leave.


I won’t say Parris Todd is the Paige Spiranac of pickleball!

… but she might be?

As I said earlier, I walk in the same park all the time with my daughter, and — like every single park across America right now — there’s a ton of pickleball going on.

I didn’t think the whole pickleball craze would last this long, and I was clearly wrong. It’s become a powerhouse in the sports world and has massive staying power. The older folks love it, but it’s also becoming hugely popular for the youngins, too.

Which is where Parris Todd comes into play. Turns out, our girl is an absolute star in the world of professional pickleball, just won gold out in Arizona and — of course — has a huge social media following.

Far as I can tell, our girl Parris Todd is pretty much the it girl when it comes to pickleball influencers. For good reason, too.

Peet Montzingo is snow white and buddy the elf in real life

There’s no possible way to make a smooth transition from Parris Todd to Peet Montzingo, so I’ll just go ahead and dive into this one by explaining who this cat is …

Peet is a 6-foot American from L.A. who’s become a TikTok star. That’s it. Pretty straightforward, right?

Oh, wait. I did leave one small detail out … everyone else in his family is a dwarf. Nope, that ain’t me being mean — that’s literally the story.

Turns out, that dude is Peet — the only member of his family who doesn’t have dwarfism. That’s right. His two parents and two siblings all stand at 4-foot-10 or less (that’s the definition of dwarfism, Google tells me), while Pistol Peet here is a whopping 6-feet.

Unreal. Could you imagine

Anyway, Peet told The Daily Mail that used to be pissed about it but now embraces it by posting every day life on TikTok to his over 12 million viewers. He also calls himself a real life Buddy the Elf, so that’s funny.

Peet Montzingo.
Peet Montzingo is buddy the elf.

Yep, I’m all in on Peet here. Love this guy — love this family. You can either sit in the corner and sulk about how messed up and unfair it all is, or you can all get on board with the situation, become internet sensations and amass millions of followers and I’m sure millions of internet dollars.

Perusing Peet’s Instagram and TikTok, he chose the ladder. Good decision.


this took us like 1000 takes😭

♬ So Pick Me – Dallas

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny trailer is electric

From Snow White to Indiana Jones — better transition, right?

Indy is coming back this summer with Harrison Ford for the final time, and we got our second trailer earlier today.

And I’ll be honest with you — it was awesome. It starts out pretty weird with some serious non-Indy vibes, and then you basically spend the final minute with chills taking over your spine.

I ranked the best Indy movies a few weeks back, so I won’t rehash it here. That being said, I can guarantee you this will be better than Crystal Skull, which was terrible.

How about the CGI young Harrison Ford? Technology is wild. Looks like we’re getting some serious Easter eggs throughout this one, too.

Jumping out of a plane like Temple of Doom? Check.

Going under an ancient building like Last Crusade? Check.

Crazy chase through what appears to be streets somewhere in India like Raiders? Check!

I feel good about this one. Harrison Ford is on an absolute bender right now, and I don’t think he’d let his final Indiana Jones role be destroyed.

And while we’re on the topic of 80-year-old Harrison Ford, I’m begging you to watch Shrinking on Apple+. I’m telling you, it’s maybe the best TV show of the year and it’s only April.

King of Queens reunion and Leah Remini appreciation

And while we’re on excellent TV shows, how about Kevin James and Leah Remini setting the internet ablaze this week?

Did NOT see that coming in 2023.

We are very much pro-King of Queens around here, and you’re free to leave right now if you disagree. There’s no room for any KOQ slander when I’m piloting the Nightcaps train. No sir.

In fact, I’d wager to say it’s one of the best TV comedies of all time. That’s right. I said it and I ain’t saying it for clicks. It’s true.

  1. The Office
  2. Friends
  3. King of Queens
  4. Seinfeld

That’s *probably* not official, but it’s a working Mount Rushmore. Frankly, the last three are nothing like the first one, so it’s probably not a fair list. But, that’s what I got off the top of my head.

There was absolutely nothing more relaxing than coming home from school, firing up TBS before dinner and hearing this:

In all honesty, I still actively search for it on TV today when it’s been a long day. Nothing calms me down like Carrie laying into Doug for 30 minutes with some Arthur shenanigans mixed in.

RIP Jerry Stiller!

Also, remember that one time a few years ago when Kevin James had another TV show and decided to kill his wife off after one season just so they could bring Leah Remini in? Wild.

PS: Let’s not act like Leah Remini didn’t move the needle back in the day.

King of Queens Leah Remini was electric.
Leah Remini was electric in her prime.

Emptying the tank for Masters weekend

Yep — Leah was HER back in the day, and don’t you forget it. Great cameo back on Saved By The Bell, too. Look it up.

OK, let’s empty the tank so we head into Masters weekend on an empty stomach.

Let’s start off with an easy one to laugh at. I mean, come on. Funny is funny.

That’s probably old as hell, but you know the rules — if I see something on the internet for the first time, it just happened and it’s brand new. Sorry, that’s just the way it is.

Hacia adelante …

(That’s moving on in Spanish, by the way).

Whoa. Jarring. Did NOT expect Ben to rock Español quite like that, but good for him. I grew up in Florida where you’re pretty much expected to know some sort of Spanish by now, and I took a ton of Spanish in high school, but I stink at it.

Anyway, here’s a great scene from a great movie with a great actor doing a great Boston accent.

Finally, let’s check in with OutKick’s own Hayley Caronia, who is on the ground at Augusta … not really, but whatever. Close enough.

Take it away, Hayley!

Can’t wait to head to Augusta one day and enjoy my $5 Yuengling!

Now let’s all go and have one hell of a weekend watching constant rain delay coverage from The Masters!

It’s all a warm up anyways to the Pickleball US Open next weekend in Naples, FL. Prepare accordingly.

OutKick Nightcaps is a daily column set to run Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. (roughly, we’re not robots).

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