Jena Sims Springs Forward, Kay Adams Oscars Party With Travis Kelce, Playboy Fights OnlyFans, Cavinder Twins, Indiana Jones

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Ahem … this thing on? Hello? Ah, there you are! Welcome back to another week of Nightcaps, which has somehow managed to avoid getting pelted in the head with a haywire Jena Sims golf ball for six weeks now!

We’re still alive, as is Jena’s dog. More on that developing situation in just a bit.

What a weekend we’re coming out of, huh? Electric final round at The Players (OK, not really, but kind of), Team USA kicked Great Britain’s ass in the World Baseball Classic (and then got embarrassed by Mexico) and the March Madness brackets are set.

Off the field, Ja Morant got a humdinger of a lap dance, Kay Adams stole the show at the Oscars (shocker!), Playboy is BACK (!!!), the Cavinder Twins aren’t concerned about an NCAA investigation and real lightsabers are now a thing.

What? Yep. You’ll see.

OK, let’s start this week with a double shot of Jack, a couple pours of Coke, and LIV Golf heartthrob Jena Sims nearly killing Brooks Koepka’s dog.

Jena Sims and Brooks Koepka.
Jena Sims loves spring! (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Happy spring from Jena Sims!

While Koepka enjoyed a nice, quiet week away from The Players, Jena Sims was all over the place. Namely, she was a judge at the Miss Tennessee USA pageant.

Side note: I can’t keep up with all the various Miss USA pageants. Seriously, there seems to be one every single week. Also, what the hell do the winners do? If you’re declared Miss USA 2023, what exactly are you doing for the next 12 months? I don’t get it.

Anyway, Sims made sure to send out a few Instagram heaters before voting on a winner.

Jena Sims goes from Judge to Jury to almost Executioner

OK, now that we’ve judged and voted on the next Miss Tennessee, let’s head back to Jena’s Jupiter home and practice a couple Sunday afternoon stingers while Brooks watches his old friends tee it up at TPC.

Head on a swivel, Cove!

Holy cow. Harrowing stuff from Jena, who would’ve woken up to a NASTY call from PETA this morning had this thing gone a little different.

But, alas, all’s well that ends well. Cove is OK, Brooks got some good practice in for LIV’s next event, and Jena continues to be a content machine in the golf world.

Electric duo.

Kay Adams, Travis Kelce at the Oscars

Jena’s a staple in the golf world, and Kay Adams is atop the media personality hill right now.

Last week the host of Up & Adams was relaxing in Mexico – which we analyzed like the Zapruder Film here – and now she’s at Oscars after-parties with Travis Kelce.

PS: I’m not saying they’re together, but holy moly what a power couple this would be. My head would explode.

Kay Adams, Travis Kelce at Oscars party.
Kay Adams and Travis Kelce at the Oscars.

Indiana Jones and The Oscars

Get it, Kay Adams. God bless Shams.

Anyway, moving on …

How about Short Round reemerging after 40 years out of absolutely NOWHERE? Admittedly, I don’t keep up with the Oscars for obvious reasons, but was I the only one who didn’t know Ke Huy Quan was an actual actor?

I figured he just played the one Indiana Jones role to absolute perfection back in the 1980s, followed it up with some Goonies, and then rode off into the sunset.

But nope. Not only is he still around, but he just won an Oscar for supporting actor! And Indy was there to give him a hug.

My God. What a moment.

You call him Dr. Jones, doll!

The definitive ranking of Indiana Jones movies

OK, well all know why I included that clip in here, right?

To give you the definitive ranking of Indy movies, of course! I was an Indiana Jones nerd growing up, and still watch Last Crusade about five times a year. One of the greatest movies ever. Yep. Ever.

Here ya go – and remember, this is final.

  1. Last Crusade
  2. Temple of Doom
  3. Raiders
  4. Upcoming Indy movie
  5. Crystal Skull (duh)

Yes, I have Raiders behind Temple of Doom. I love the OG Indy, but for whatever reason Temple of Doom just resonated more with me as a kid. Maybe it’s because it scared the piss out of me and I like scary stuff? Who knows, but the “Oh sh*t” line Indy gives at the end when he’s on the bridge is still hilarious to this day.

Last Crusade, as I said, is the best of the bunch and Sean Connery was a legend. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty awful beyond the fact that it was another Indy movie, which was cool.

And, of course, Harrison Ford is set to reprise the role one last time this summer in Dial of Destiny. Pretty sure this one’s gonna be awesome because they’re doing less aliens, and more Nazis, which is always smart in the Indy world.

OK, here are a couple banger scenes to get you through your Monday!

Cavinder college twins celebrate March Madness

OK, rapid fire time so we can all get back to our brackets!

Yep, the big week is here. One of the greatest weeks on the sports calendar, to be honest with you, is the first weekend of March Madness.

Absolute non-stop action from Thursday at noon through Sunday night. It’s electric. And I’m talking about the women’s bracket!

OK, just kidding. I’m not. But here are the University of Miami Cavinder Twins locking in last weekend ahead of Miami’s opening round game against Oklahoma State.

Haley Cavinder snapchat.
Cavinder Twins, courtesy of Haley Cavinder’s snapchat account.

Playboy takes on OnlyFans, lightsabers and JT signing faces

Couple more before you polish off your second pre-dinner Busch Latte.

Anyone remember Playboy? Of course you do! Well guess what, old-timer? The bunny is back, and digitized this time!

From the Post:

Playboy is relaunching its iconic magazine as a digital-first publication — as the racy lifestyle brand takes on OnlyFans, The Post has learned.

The revamped magazine, which shuttered in 2020 and ceased printing, will debut later this year.

The online publication will serve as an entry to Playboy’s “creator platform,” which the brand is selling as an “elevated,” “safe” and “exclusive” alternative to OnlyFans.

Now, instead of Playboy “bunnies,” you’ll have Playboy “creators,” who will post adult and non-adult content on their pages, give subscribers exclusive access into their lives and grace the magazine’s online covers.

The online world of subscriber-only sex is at an absolute peak right now, and I’m not sure it’s ever coming down. Not any time soon, at least.

Welcome back, Playboy! The game has changed since you were here last.

Speaking of gamechangers, since when did we start just casually creating real lightsabers? I feel like I should’ve heard about this by now?

Talk about a childhood dream. I think I asked for a “real lightsaber” for about five straight Christmases during the prequel trilogy, and was always told “they don’t exist.”

Yeah, OK mom. How about now? I always knew we had it in us. Can’t wait till these bad boys hit the shelves at the K-Mart down the road.

Finally, here’s Justin Thomas signing someone’s head at TPC over the weekend, if for no other reason than to tie this bad boy up with a Jena Sims-sized bow and make the end match the beginning.

All right, I think that should be enough to get us through this Monday lull, right?

And, by the way, shoutout to Nightcaps reader John, who emailed me a couple Netflix suggestions per my request last Friday.

Now, if John could just share his account with me since Netflix is about to cut the cord on password sharing, that would be great.

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