OutKick 360: Mayfield's Availability, Hue Jackson's Credibility, Kyler-Cardinals Never-Ending Saga

OutKick 360 got straight to business on Tuesday as they talked about former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson's allegations that he was paid “a good number” to lose games as Cleveland’s head coach.

Is Hue Jackson Building Credibility In Cleveland?

Jonathan Hutton, Chad Withrow, Paul Kuharsky, and guest John McClain don't think Hue Jackson is building credibility in Cleveland.

Here's what the group had to say:

Don’t Sleep On Baker Mayfield's Availability

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said in January that quarterback Baker Mayfield wouldn't play in the team’s Week 18 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, as the quarterback will undergo surgery “as soon as possible.”

As the team was meeting with Deshaun Watson, Mayfield requested a trade from the team — which was denied, and then grated when Watson waived his no-trade clause to join the Browns.

Here's what the guys had to say:

The Kyler Murray-Cardinals Saga That Won’t Go Away

While Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray seems committed to the team long-term and “desperately wants to win the Super Bowl," it didn't come without some strain on both sides.

There has been tension between the two and in February, Murray scrubbed his Instagram account of all Cardinals references and unfollowed the team on Twitter and Instagram. The team took notes and scrubbed their Instagram account down to just two photos — both of Murray.

Here's what the guys had to say:

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