Hue Jackson Alleges Browns, Like Dolphins, Offered Losing Bonuses

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Former Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson alleges he was paid “a good number” to lose games as Cleveland’s head coach.

Jackson’s comments come on the heels of allegations from ex-Dolphins coach Brian Flores, saying that Miami owner Stephen Ross told him “he’d pay $100,000 for every loss” the Dolphins incurred in order to get a better draft pick.

In a series of tweets regarding the Flores news, Jackson stated: “Well, (Browns owner) Jimmy Haslam, was happy while we kept losing.”

In 40 games as Cleveland’s head coach (2016-2018), Jackson pirated a sinking ship during one of the worst stretches of football in NFL history. His record over parts of three seasons was 3-36-1, which includes back-to-back seasons with one total win.

He insinuated that Haslam offered him at least as much money to lose as Ross did to Flores.

“Trust me it was a good number,” tweeted Jackson.

But Jackson didn’t stop there. In response to a tweet sent by Kimberly Diemert, saying she has records that prove Jackson and Browns front office members were paid to “tank,” Jackson replied, “I stand with Brian Flores. I can back up every word I’m saying.”

Chances are both he and Flores will have their chance to back up their statements in a court of law, now that Flores has decided to sue the NFL.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Jackson had a 1-311. Record. A horrible coach. This is another example of the children’s story “if you give a mouse a cookie.” 70% of all commercials now feature at least 1 black… because a small coalition of activists complained. Blacks comprise 14% of the population. 35% of all commercials feature all minority casts. Give some a hand, they want the entire arm… and reparations. The media is treating Flores like he’s Jesus, completely ignoring the warts in Miami. Jackson was horrible, period. As to Miami, they had more minority representation than any team in the league, including an all black FO. Ross is an acknowledged leader is helping young black entrepreneurs. Flo is a nut case.

  2. All the liberals who are going along with the out of control minority representation and marginalization of White men, shut the fuck up when blacks are putting their foot on your necks in the future. Your kids and grandkids are gonna get fucked for looking for opportunities.

  3. So Hue Jackson, with his 3-31-1 record is actually the BEST coach of all time, and a millionaire in the process, because he lost on purpose. Well played, Hue. Well played. We’ll get your plaque and gold jacket in Canton ready

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