Masters Girl’s Mom Is A Model & Former Denver Nuggets Dancer

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Aaliyah Kikumoto, aka the Masters Girl, has been on an elite month-long run. Going viral from Augusta National has turned her into an internet star.

Since then she’s landed a modeling gig, hit the driving range to crush golf balls, set her sights on becoming the next Paige Spiranac, and has even fielded multiple marriage proposals.

We’ve reached the point in the Texas Tech dancer’s run where the spotlight is being shared with those around her. This isn’t exactly something that happens for every viral star. Not every viral star has a model mom, who is a former NBA dancer.

Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto's Mom AJ Kikumoto Is A Model & Former Denver Nuggets Dancer
Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto and her model mom AJ Kikumoto (Image Credit: Instagram/Twitter)

The Masters Girl does. Her mom, AJ Kikumoto, is an experienced model who has walked many runways, appeared in commercials, and in print.

AJ told her story to the Daily Star. Everything from leaving Boise after graduating from Boise State to pursue a career as a model and dancer in Denver. Why Denver? She knew a couple of people there and picked it over taking a chance in Los Angeles.

A flat tire during her 16 hour trip from Boise to Denver didn’t slow her down. Once AJ arrived, she tried out to become a Denver Nuggets dancer.

“I was basically living out of my car at the time. I went to church the next day and said I needed a place to live!” AJ then revealed, “I made some friends at church, found a place to live at ‘Babe Central’ and then went on to DBA Donna Baldwin Agency, and they took me on as a model!”

“In one weekend, I had made the Denver Nugget Dance Team and got a modeling contract – all while living out of my car.”

The Masters Girl Was Born To Become An Internet Star

The mom of six had a successful modeling career while teaching dance before meeting her husband and moving to Utah then Chicago. While in Chicago she was signed as a FORD model.

“One day I decided to go big and audition for FORD models. I walked the 20 minutes to the agency from our home and showed up at open-call auditions,” she explained.

“Out of about 100 people that were there, I was the only one that they signed. As I left, I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror, and I had lipstick all across my face from the windy walk, and they still had signed me!”

AJ still models and is still involved with the Denver Nuggets dancers as an alumni. She did some modeling earlier this year for a couple of fashion shows, including Denver Fashion Week.

“I am actively involved in the Denver Nuggets Dancers Alumni, where we perform yearly on the court, have monthly dance classes, and give back to the community through various charitable organizations, the Masters Girl’s mom revealed.

“We love the team, our 2X MVP and are watching the NBA playoffs with great interest.”

There you have it, the Masters Girl gets it from her momma. The modeling, the dancing, and the making the most of the spotlight is all in her genes.

Written by Sean Joseph

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