Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto Lands A Modeling Gig

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The Master Girl, Aaliyah Kikumoto, proves once again that she’s the real winner of last weekend’s tournament at Augusta National. Sure Jon Rahm technically won, and took home a green jacket, but did he take the internet by storm?

The obvious answer is no. It was Aaliyah who did that. She caught the eye of the cameras, people online took notice, and the rest is history.

Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto Lands A Modeling Gig
Masters Girl lands a modeling gig (Image Credit: TikTok/Instagram)

The Texas Tech dancer could have set her social media to private and hid until her viral moment passed by. She didn’t do that. Aaliyah, instead, dropped some Masters content on social media and brought the crowd right to her digital front door with a “themastersgirl” hashtag.

Leaning into the viral moment was hands down the right move. Not only has her social media benefitted from the new exposure, but she just landed a modeling gig as well.

In a joint Instagram post with BSX Media, Aaliyah was introduced as the newest BSX model. The announcement read, “When statuesque beauty pairs with a kind and beautiful soul, you call her @aaliyahkikumoto. Introducing newest BSX model and (golf girl extraordinaire) Aaliyah.”

Talk about having yourself a week. Green jackets are nice and all, and so is whatever payday went along with the Masters win, but going from attending the event to landing a modeling gig days later is incredible.

We’re talking about feet in the grass watching the best golfers in the world on Sunday then putting together a modeling shoot a couple of days later. That’s followed by an announcement and a cemented legacy as the Masters Girl.

The Power Of The Internet Can Still Be Used For Good

All it took was a few seconds of camera time and a bunch of golf fans trying to figure out the identity of the good looking woman. The kind of stuff the internet was built for.

Take that those out there who say the internet is dead. It’s very much alive and well. These kinds of viral runs prove it. No matter how hard people try to clamp down on it. It still finds a way.

Congratulations to Aaliyah for being ready for the moment when it arrived and for cashing in on it.

Written by Sean Joseph

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