Mallory Edens (Aaron Rodgers’ GF) Checks In, Cavinder Twins By The Pool, SVP Loses Voice, Gross UConn Hotel Room

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Our national nightmare is over … No, Aaron Rodgers still hasn’t been traded to the Jets, although his model girlfriend Mallory Edens is begging you to read the Instagram tea leaves.

No, I’m talking about the return of March Madness! Yes, after three excruciating days, the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament tips off in a few short hours, meaning I’ve got to put the pedal to the metal here before I lose everyone’s focus.

Maybe the Cavinder Twins by the pool will keep you all here for a bit?! How about that for a tease?

No? Well, what else should we talk about then? Rip from Yellowstone dancing at a rodeo? Scott Van Pelt recreating the Michael Jordan flu game on last night’s SportsCenter with an absolute WAR against his own vocal chords?

How about a disgusting UConn hotel room, a tornado in Los Angeles or the sequel to Titanic?

I mean, come on … there has to be SOMETHING there that floats your boat! Fine. We’ll start with Milwaukee Bucks’ Heiress Mallory Edens stirring the pot on Instagram and go from there.

Grab a Busch Light or, if you’re rooting on the Vols in a few hours, some Tennessee Whiskey, fire up the Chris Stapleton and settle in for a Thursday edition of Nightcaps!

Mallory Edens and Aaron Rodgers.
What does Mallory Edens know about Aaron Rodgers? (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Mallory Edens, Aaron Rodgers’ alleged girlfriend, sends internet into a tizzy

What are we on now? Day 30 of Aaron Rodgers watch? I’ll be honest with you, it’s been brutal. I used to love Aaron Rodgers, mainly because he angered the left so much with his anti-vax stance. Nothing made me happier.

But he’s just so weird now. The cave stuff? Weird. The witch craft? Weird. But even I can get past all that.

What really bugs me is the fact that we’re still doing this Aaron Rodgers dance and it’s nearly April. Frankly, I’m not even sure it’s his fault anymore, but I now just automatically blame him.

Anyway, he’s still technically a Packer, and we’ve reached the point of dissecting his girlfriend’s Instagram posts just to find any clue that this trade to the Jets is getting close.

And, right on cue, Mallory Edens was trending yesterday for no other reason than the fact that she posted on Insta for the first time in weeks.

Aaron Rodgers trade watch continues as Mallory Edens posts

The comments, predictably, centered around Rodgers’ rumored move to New York, where model Mallory – the daughter of billionaire Bucks owner Wes Edens – may or may not already live.

Combine that with the suspicious timing of the post, and Fireman Ed is basically preparing the troops for a Rodgers trade any day now.

Unfortunately, though, if tiny Adam Schefter’s A-bomb from Thursday morning is accurate, we may have to buckle in a little while longer.

Haven’t spoken much in the last week?! What? What in the hell else are these two teams doing right now, then? Seems like this should be at or near the top of the to-do list for both franchises, doesn’t it?

Whatever. Tua’s better anyway.

Here are some more Mallory Edens pics to hold you over.

Scott Van Pelt battles his voice on ESPN in epic dual

From tiny Schefty (I really don’t know if he’s small, but I think he is so I’m going with it) to Scott Van Pelt!

Anyone catch SVP on ESPN last night? Don’t blame you if you didn’t, because SportsCenter stopped being watchable in 2006, but Van Pelt’s one of the last good ones there.

Anyway, our man found himself in an absolute dogfight with his voice, and it was nothing short of heroic from start to finish.

Holy cow. That was painful. How about SVP not giving in, though? Just puts on his cape and forges ahead. Some folks crack under pressure and some embrace the challenge, and Scott Van Pelt showed us all a little something last night.

Hat’s off to you, SVP.

PS: losing your voice out of absolutely nowhere? Seems like something Scott may wanna have looked into.

Cavinder Twins rest up for Villanova

You know what could certainly make someone lose their voice? Upsetting the No. 1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

Unfortunately for ESPN, Miami star Destiny Harden had all of her vocal chords after the Hurricanes stunned top-ranked Indiana Monday night.

Love a good hot mic. Always a crowd-pleaser.

Anyway, how about Miami being a college basketball town all of a sudden? Forget Miami. How about South Florida!?

Both the UM Men and Women are still in the dance, while the FAU Owls are gearing up to play Tennessee here in a few hours. Unreal.

Of course, you can’t talk about the UM Women without mentioning the Cavinder Twins, who celebrated their big win Monday in Indiana with a little R&R on Tuesday.

Well, at least Haley Cavinder did.

Can’t imagine why kids want to live in South Florida!

Haley Cavinder in a bikini.
Haley Cavinder and the Hurricanes are a UNIT.
Cavinder Twins celebrate.
Time for some R&R for Haley Cavinder.
Haley Cavinder
Haley Cavinder and the Hurricanes are electric.

UConn’s hotel rooms sound awesome!

Hurricanes by 50 tomorrow afternoon!

Back to the men’s side of the bracket, where No. 4 UConn is set to face Arkansas in just a few hours. Good thing it’s a night game, too, because I don’t think the Huskies got much sleep this week.

When the Huskies arrived at their hotel on Tuesday evening, they immediately found several of their rooms to be in awful condition. Let’s just say the rooms’ previous occupants seemingly enjoyed Vegas a little too much. No tigers or roosters running around the rooms, but it apparently looked like the boys from ‘The Hangover’ had been there the night before. Dirt, vomit … and worse.

The NCAA is in charge of booking hotels for each team, and after UConn appraised it of the situation, the Huskies were moved to a nearby, high-level hotel.

Dirt, vomit and worse? What the hell is worse?!

Well, actually, since you asked …

What a damn clip. Gets me every time. Great episode, too, including the Jerome Bettis cameo!

PS: I once stayed at a Super 8 years ago — I’m talking late 1990s — and we found a giant fake finger nail in the bed sheets. It was shockingly big.

Safe to say I haven’t been back since.

Cole Hauser is Rip in real life, LA tornados and The Day After Tomorrow

Rapid fire time as we gear up for four straight days of March Madness mixed in with a little pre-Masters Match Play.

What a damn cocktail!

I know Yellowstone is in absolute shambles right now, but does it look like Cole Hauser, AKA Rip, is worried?

Nope, and neither am I!

I don’t know what that dance move was during Charlie Daniels, but I’m HERE for it. Get it, Rip. Just don’t let Beth catch you out and about like that. That one’s a tornado.

Speaking of …

How about the tornado in California yesterday? Don’t see this every day.

Wild. I actually lived through a tornado once, and it was terrifying. I’ve lived through dozens of hurricanes, and they got nothin’ on a tornado.

Ever been in one? It’s surreal.

The pressure drops, the winds picks up, your ears start to pop, you can’t hear a thing and then, just like that, it’s over.

True story. Ya’ll are learning a ton today!

Back to the LA tornado, which is obviously rare and got The Day After Tomorrow trending on Twitter.

For those who haven’t seen it, see it. It’s awesome. Best Dennis Quaid movie ever along with Parent Trap. The Rookie ain’t bad, either.

Anyway, here’s the scene. Buckle up.

Great movie. It’s on about 18 times a month on TNT it seems and I watch it every time.

Fine. Mount Rushmore of disaster movies!

  1. Day After Tomorrow
  2. Titanic
  3. 2012
  4. Perfect Storm

Does Titanic count? I guess it does, right? Whatever, it still gives me an excuse to include this on the way out. You’re welcome!

Incredible. What are the odds!

OK, carry on with your Thursdays. Let’s all go have a damn night!

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