Cavinder Twins Encourage Haters After Shushing Crowd’s TikTok Chant In Upset Of No. 1 Seed As Miami Owns Indiana

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Miami basketball owns Indiana. Not only did the men’s Hurricanes team knock out the Hoosiers in the NCAA Tournament on Sunday, the women’s team took them down on Monday night.

Technically, Miami may have only escaped from the First Round because of an official oversight.

However, Katie Meier’s team made the most of its advancement and beat No. 1 seed Indiana as a No. 9 seed. Although it has happened twice in 2023, with Ole Miss also beating Stanford, it is rare that a top seed goes down in Women’s March Madness. Especially in the first weekend.

Nevertheless, that is what happened on Monday night in Bloomington.

Lola Pendande, Destiny Harden and Jasmyne Roberts led the team in scoring with 19, 18 and 16 points respectively. It was the second of three who hit the clutch bucket as the clock wound down that ultimately ended up being the game-winner.

Miami took down Indiana.

Just before that moment, though, it was Haley Cavinder who stepped up big. She hit a crucial triple with just under two minutes left to go up five.

One minute and 30 seconds later, give or take, she stood at the line for two huge free throws. Fans chanted “stick to TikTok *clap clap clapclapclap*” as she did.

Cavinder then proceeded to knock down both shots to put her team up three, and proceeded to put a finger to her mouth and shush the home Hoosier crowd. Ice cold.

Indiana ended up getting a three to tie the game before Harden hit the big one and Miami’s defense shut down the rebuttal for the win. The celebration was on!

Haley, who was the team’s leading scorer in its First Round win, joined Hanna after the game. The Cavinder twins addressed their haters, of which there are many, and encouraged them to keep talking their talk because the Hurricanes are walking the walk.

As for Hanna, who doesn’t play or score as much as her sister, she does not give a damn as long as her sister keeps hooping and the team keeps winning. They’re headed to the Sweet Sixteen.


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After the monumental 9/1 upset, Miami plays No. 4-seed Villanova in Greenville, South Carolina on Friday. Should they beat the Wildcats, the Hurricanes would play the winner of LSU and Utah (a 2/3-seed matchup) on Sunday. Will the slipper fit?

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