LeSean McCoy Says Dak Prescott Is ‘Ass,’ Has ‘Easiest Job In Football’

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According to a quick Google search, former NFL running back LeSean McCoy got his nickname, “Shady,” from his mother. She said he would have crazy mood swings as an infant.

As an adult, the nickname still fits since no one loves to throw more “shade” than “Shady” McCoy.

McCoy’s latest target is Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott threw a pick-six in overtime that ended the game against Jacksonville.

However, that pass hit Cowboys receiver Noah Brown in the hands, bounced up in the air and then Jags defender Rayshawn Jenkins snagged it and took it to the house.

That interception was the second that Prescott threw in the game. The other one … well, that one was his fault.

That was apparently enough for LeSean “Shady” McCoy to GO IN on Dak Prescott, calling him “ass.” Then he doubled down. Literally.

According to LeSean McCoy, the Cowboys loss against Jacksonville is the fault of quarterback Dak Prescott.
According to LeSean McCoy, the Cowboys loss against Jacksonville is the fault of quarterback Dak Prescott. (Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images)

“Dak is ass. Can I say that on TV? Cause he is ass, ass,” McCoy said. “This is the second game that he has lost by throwing picks. He threw two picks [against] the Packers. [They] had a 14-point lead. Loss.

“Dak Prescott has the easiest job … uh, the second easiest job. The first goes to Purdy and Jimmy G. with the 49ers. Great defense, run the ball very well, make safe passes. Dak has the easiest job in football!” McCoy continued.

LeSean McCoy makes Dak Prescott his latest target

It seems like McCoy is trying to make a name for himself in the “hot take” game. Prescott is the latest to face the harsh criticism from “Shady” but he’s no where near the first.

In the last few months, McCoy has taken shots at Patriots coach Bill Belichick, former NFL quarterback turned broadcaster RGIII, Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy, and Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray.

Can’t wait to see who’s next on his list!

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