LeSean McCoy Bashes Eric Bieniemy After Heated Scene With Pat Mahomes

LeSean McCoy has been critical of Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy in the past. He was back at it after the OC started “beefing” with superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes following a flat performance by the offense Sunday.

McCoy posted a scathing review of Bieniemy on Instagram after the Chiefs’ 20-17 loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

“All Bieniemy does is argue wit (sic) the players .. KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT passing or PLAY CALLING,” McCoy said on his profile.

With less than two minutes left in the first half of Sunday’s game, the Chiefs let the clock die out instead of taking a shot, even with a 14-10 lead. At halftime, Mahomes got on Bieniemy for running the clock down.

After the 20-17 loss to Indy, Mahomes reiterated his desire to go for extra points.

“I mean, at the end of the day, I wanted to go try to score. That’s just who I am,” Mahomes said. “We were in a tough situation. It was like second- or third-and-20, something like that. Probably the smart decision was just — we got the ball at half — let’s just go to halftime. But I’m always gonna be wanting to score.”

The Chiefs tallied their first loss of the season (2-1) to a winless Colts team that seemed like an easy matchup on paper.

Even with a combination of Matt Ryan’s failing offense and no Shaquille Leonard on the defense, the Colts managed to upset the Chiefs, and someone had to be blamed for the loss.

Bieniemy was an easy fall guy for the Chiefs’ loss, though it’s worth noting that McCoy’s slightly motivated by his lack of playing time when he was part of KC’s offense.

Shady McCoy blamed Bieniemy for not getting reps during his short campaign (2019) in KC and missing out on playing Super Bowl 45. McCoy was a healthy scratch for the contest.

McCoy previously alluded to his beef with Bieniemy.

“The reason why I ain’t finished is because, me and (inaudible) had our differences about different things,” McCoy said. “I’m going to say this: There’s a reason why every year they hype him up to get a coaching job, head coach or offensive coordinator, somewhere else and he don’t get one.”

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