RGIII Puts LeSean McCoy In A Body Bag After Former NFL RB Sparks Beef With QB Over Russell Wilson Take

Since retiring from the NFL, RGIII has not been one to hold back. The 32-year-old former Heisman Trophy winner continues to say what’s on his mind and is sparing no feelings in the process.

LeSean McCoy learned that the hard way.

RGII and LeSean McCoy have BEEF. (Photos by Cooper Neill/David Becker/Getty Images)

Currently serving as an on-air college football announcer, Robert Griffin III has quickly become must-watch television. Whenever he is in the booth, he is bound to say something outrageous.

Earlier this year, he dropped multiple sexual innuendos on live TV, followed it up with more jokes of that nature last weekend, and even raced a literal hawk. RGIII also took his one-liners to Twitter with a very aggressive tweet in reference to Antonio Brown’s most recent antics.

On Friday, he turned his attention to Russell Wilson and joked about a viral image from Thursday’s Broncos game, which might have been the worst NFL game of all-time. The photo showed Denver running back Melvin Gordon looking at his quarterback as if to say “come on, man, be better.”

In response, LeSean McCoy took a shot at Griffin and said that his play warranted Gordon’s look more often than Wilson’s.

Robert Griffin III put LeSean McCoy in a body bag.

After McCoy questioned his talent, Griffin fired back and brought receipts. It was a SAVAGE reply. RGII absolutely destroyed Shady.

RGII’s career never quite reached its pinnacle because of multiple injuries. However, based on his first few seasons and college career, Griffin could have been one of the greats.

Could is the key word there and that is what McCoy chose to focus on. He clapped back at RGIII and looked at things from a 30,000-foot view.

It was a valiant effort from McCoy, but there was no coming back at that point. Griffin won this round by a very large margin and put the running back, who he called a “hater,” in his place.

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  1. Nah. RG is a douche. He and his racist compatriot can jump off a cliff. They suck. Talking about what his career could have been. That’s punk ass stuff. You didn’t do it for long at all so STFU. Props to Shady.

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