Robert Griffin III Raced A Hawk And It Was Way Closer Than It Should Have Been

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The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos open this year’s Monday night Football schedule, and as such, broadcaster Robert Griffin III was in the Emerald City.

In the lead-up to the Super Bowl XLVIII rematch, RGIII showed that he has more than a little gas left in the tank with an impressive display of speed.

And he did it against a member of the Animal Kingdom.

Griffin took on Taima the Hawk, the Seahawks’ live mascot.

…who is a hawk, by the way, in case you missed that.

“He ain’t never seen a Griffin before,” Griffin said upon crossing the finish line. In what was a way closer race than anyone would’ve expected

It was impressive, although I can’t help but feel like Taima the Hawk was dragging ass just a little, which makes sense. If you’re Taima, you don’t want to get hurt before the game doing a stunt with ESPN.

There’s a line of other hawks waiting to take Taima’s place should she have to go on the IR.

It also didn’t help that Taima the Hawk nearly took off her handler’s head with a wing right at the start. With a bum start like that she had to kick it into gear to handle RGIII’s explosiveness.

I think ESPN just hit on a recurring bit: RGIII races a live version of the home team’s mascot.

So, tune in to next week’s race against a Buffalo.

Should be a good one. Buffalos are sneaky fast. They’re like the animal kingdom’s Terron Armstead.

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