Succession Actor Financially Backs Fringe Climate Change Activists

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Logan Roy always knew his son was a disappointment, but not this bad.

But this isn’t any act, Jeremy Strong, most known for playing Kendall Roy on HBO’s Succession is a big time climate change activist in real life and involved with funding some pretty fringe – and dangerous groups.

According to their 2022 Annual Report, Strong was praised for his donations to the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF).

The CEF is essentially a mini-army of activist groups that are hell-bent on disrupting regular people’s lives in the name of protecting the Earth. According to the official CEF website, their agenda is to push the climate movement into “emergency mode.”

“We are in an existential climate emergency, and we need to act like it, and initiate a whole society mobilization towards zero emissions as quickly as humanly possible,” a CEF press release reads.

No, this isn’t your “let’s plant more trees and recycle!” crowd – but much worst.

These are the same people that earlier this week decided to try and desecrate Rome’s historic and iconic Trevi Fountain as they turned the water black because they are mad at the fossil fuel industry.

“The Climate Emergency Fund backs grassroots, high-stakes climate activists making headlines all over the world. Recently, some of these groups disrupted the Tour de France and demonstrated near famous artworks in national museums in London,” the CEF statement continues.

Yes, that’s right. Jeremy Strong is actively funding those perfectly rationale and nice people that put holes in your town’s gas pumps, slash people’s tires, form blockades around logging production facilities, and glue themselves to historic paintings but only after they dump paint and cans of soup on them.

Succession actor Jeremy Strong was honored for funding and donating to the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF Annual Report 2022)


Newsflash to everyone out there – many of those acts of defiance you see aren’t actually just spontaneous. They are trained, organized and well-funded with legions of lawyers behind them. It is a concerted effort to try and force people to stand in lockstep with their beliefs. Sometime they will then sue when authorities react.

It has gone from just being an annoying nuisance at times into something more serious with nefarious intentions.

Look at this example from a Times piece just last year. The author spoke with a member of the CEF group “Extinction Rebellion NYC,” who had this pleasant thing to say regarding their tactics when confronting NYPD detectives.

Eric Arnum, an organizer from Extinction Rebellion NYC, remained behind; he told me they were acting as “decoys” to keep nearby police from following the other demonstrators. “They’re waiting for us to make our move, but we’ve already made our move,” he said, gesturing to a group of nearby police detectives.

“Put this in your article,” he added. “We play a giant game of cops and robbers with the best police force in the world, and we always win.”

Another activist who has been arrested over 20 times talked about their escalated tactics. “We’ve tried everything else,” the Just Stop Oil member explained.

Succesion actor Jeremy Strong has been financially supporting the Climate Emergency Fund. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Because the Climate Emergency Fund believes that we are literally on “our way to extinction,” they are justified in disrupting your lives in the name of the “greater good.” Their utopian vision sees no end in sight.

Hell, they are even likening themselves to Martin Luther King Jr!


Strong joins the likes of celebrities like Chelsea Handler as well as climate activist Greta Thunberg in their support of the CEF and groups underneath it.

Thunberg apparently still has time to protest and cause mayhem when she’s not deleting old tweets over things that never happened, such as the world was going to end this year due to climate change.

What Jeremy Strong and many of these eco-extremists don’t realize is that by engaging in practices like chaining yourselves to soccer goalposts, ruining historic artifacts and destroying an innocent person’s property, you are actually only hurting your cause more. It’s not bringing the CORRECT attention to it – but rather, it’s coming across as a nuisance and an immediate turn-off.

And as a diehard, original viewer of Succession and someone that is really bummed out that the show just ended… I have been actively rooting against Kenrdall Roy the last few weeks so he doesn’t have any sort of fictitious victories.

Cousin Greg all the way.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.


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