ESPN Really Needs You To Know How Important Adam Schefter Is On NFL Free Agency Day

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NFL free agency — for all intents and purposes — started Monday. Teams are making moves left and right. It’s tough to keep up with all that news, and ESPN needs you to know just how hard Adam Schefter works.

The media network pays him around $10 million per year for his information, and they bend over backwards to let you know that.

On their SportsCenter NFL free agency special, the usual suspects from the Worldwide Leader are on the set. Field Yates is hosting coverage along with analyst Louis Riddick and reporter Dianna Russini.

Adam Schefter is not on the set. But where could he be?! Don’t worry, ESPN is going to show you. He’s on the phone! With important people! Talking about important things!

Not only does Yates talk about Schefter being on the phone, but the camera cuts to him on the phone and then the social media team pushes out a clip of him being on the phone.

Got that? Adam Schefter is on the phone, everyone.

ESPN pays $10 million per year for Adam Schefter to be on the phone, and by God they’re going to let you know it

On the one hand, I get it. ESPN doesn’t pay Adam Schefter $10 million per year because he’s great on TV. Quite the opposite, in fact. Schefter is actually quite bad on television.

No, they pay him $10 million because of that phone. And he’s on that $10 million phone right now. While you’re reading this story (slacker), Adam Schefter is on the phone.

Hey look! Adam Schefter is on the phone! Probably talking to NFL people about free agency! Hurry up ESPN and let the world know!
Hey look! Adam Schefter is on the phone! Probably talking to NFL people about free agency! Hurry up ESPN and let the world know! (Photo by Christopher Capozziello via Getty Images)

He needs to be on that phone either talking to people, texting people or tweeting the world. Those are the only options.

Lest you think this is new, it isn’t. ESPN loves it when Adam Schefter interrupts live television to pick up his phone. They ENCOURAGE it.

Good for Scott Van Pelt for dropping a “what are we doing?” Yes, ESPN, what are we doing?

Let Adam Schefter take his phone calls, get his information and then put it on the air. That’s how this process works.

We understand that he’s on the phone. I’m not under the impression that Adam Schefter has telepathy and gets all of his information from the ether.

But, hey, if you’re gonna pay $10 million per year for a phone, that phone needs some airtime, I guess.

How do other networks handle this situation? I’m glad you asked. Guys over at the NFL Network are busy, too.

But they tell people to call them back because they’re on the air.

Point for the NFL Network crew here. Not only do they get the information out there, but they make jokes about how silly their phones are, especially on live TV.

Takes notes, Adam Schefter. Takes notes, ESPN.

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