Adam Schefter Reveals The Absurd Amount Of Money He Spends On Chocolate To Gift To His Sources

Adam Schefter is the first person that comes to mind when you think NFL insider. For years he’s typically been the first person to break some of the biggest stories around the league.

Schefter was awarded for his work ethic and ability to break stories with a new contract with ESPN a few months ago worth a reported $10 million per year. While it’s safe to say Schefter is living comfortably with that salary, some of the money actually goes right back to the sources he gets his NFL scoops from.

In a new profile with The Washington Post, Schefter revealed that some of his work is transactional, as in he gives gifts to some of his sources. We’re not just talking about gift cards or fruit baskets, either.

While Schefter admitted he’ll send sources a tie or some scotch, what really makes a dent in his pocketbook is the chocolate he buys for some of these sources.

Schefter apparently spent $16,000 on chocolate alone one year while showing gratitude to his sources. He may be making $10 million a year, but spending $16,000 on chocolate has to hurt a little.

The note about the expensive chocolate is also interesting as it’s safe to assume he’s not spending that sort of money on chocolate for just four or five sources. Sixteen grand worth of chocolate goes a long way, which means Schefter’s got transactional relationships with a lot of his sources.

We’ve always heard about NFL quarterbacks treating their offensive linemen to nice holiday gifts, but now we’ve got reporters gifting sources five figures worth of chocolate. What a world.

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Written by Mark Harris

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