Adam Schefter Trolls Jets Fans As Speculation Swirls Around Aaron Rodgers

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Don’t do it, Adam Schefter! New York Jets fans cannot take the Aaron Rodgers tease!

As speculation runs rampant that the Jets will eventually acquire Rodgers, Schefter sent out a single tweetThursday.

And with those eight words, all Jets fans collectively lost their minds. It didn’t last long, though, as one minute later he followed up with appropriate context.

That’s not the trade we wanted, Schefty!

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Obviously, Adam Schefter knew what he was doing. Not even just Jets fans, but NFL fans are waiting for the news of Aaron Rodgers to the Jets to break. It changes the landscape of the NFL, no question.

Now, when and if it does eventually happen, Schefter won’t play such games. Part of his positioning among NFL media relies on being first. He’s not wasting precious seconds.

That’s what makes the joke funny. He knew people would understand the comment and take it the way it was intended.

Well, except unhinged Jets fans, of course…

Jets fans are among some of the more … passionate … in the NFL. They can also be fragile, at times. Schefter playing with their emotions feels incredibly cruel.

But it is funny.

Though the team has said they are committed long-term to sticking with former #2 overall pick Zach Wilson, they are clearly going all-in to bring in future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers for a run at next year’s Super Bowl.

Any why not? They narrowly missed the playoffs last season with terrible quarterback play from Wilson, Mike White and Joe Flacco. Adding someone of Rodgers’ caliber certainly improves their team.

Plus, since it seems there isn’t much competition for Rodgers’ services, it shouldn’t cost the Jets too much.

It almost makes too much sense. But we are talking about the New York Jets. And we are talking about Aaron Rodgers.

So, ultimately, who the heck knows?

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