Shedeur Sanders Drops Bombs As Cowboy Hat-Wearing Coach Prime Mocks Travis Hunter Jr. For Lacking Swag At Spring Practice

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Deion Sanders got his first spring practice at Colorado underway over the weekend. The Buffaloes took the field at their indoor facility, which left Lil Wayne awestruck, on Sunday and will continue through their sold-out spring game on April 22.

Although Coach Prime has high expectations for his team to win right away, success at Colorado is a low bar in recent years. It won just one game in 2022, which sparked students to storm onto the field in celebration of avoiding a perfect 0-12 season.

To assume that the Buffaloes will win at least two games in 2023 likely would not come back to bite you. However, there is a long way to go before the team in Boulder can compete for a national title.

If Sanders can turn Colorado into a Playoff team in his first three years, it would be one of the greatest coaching jobs in college football. He would likely be able to coach anywhere in the country that he wanted, although he seems to love his new life out West, so perhaps his plan is to stick around awhile.

Either way, the Buffaloes can win just one game at a time, starting with Week 1. And before they even reach that point, practice makes perfect.

Sanders and a good chunk of his staff have only been together for less than three months. His team is full of talented transfers and freshmen who have never played on the same team.

There will be a learning curve for Deion Sanders and Colorado.

But that is what spring ball is for!

Among those who transferred to Colorado during the offseason is Sanders’ son, Shedeur. The former four-star recruit lit it up at Jackson State and will play on the FBS level for the first time this fall. The same goes for Travis Hunter Jr., the former No. 1 recruit who Coach Prime flipped from Florida State.

Hunter is one of few two-way players in college football. Shedeur is the starting quarterback. Their connection was on full display at the end of last season, and again on Sunday.

Sanders set the tone early in the first practice of his first year. His players will be wearing blank jerseys.

Meanwhile, Coach Prime pulled up to practice on his scooter, rocking a cowboy hat, cowboy boots that he joked were from Yellowstone, and plenty of ice. The 55-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer then proceeded to roast Hunter for his lack of swag.

Later in the afternoon, Shedeur threw in a Colorado uniform for the first time. His release looked fast and smooth, but it wasn’t time for him to open it up.

Once that time came, that’s exactly what Shedeur did. He let it rip!

His first on-camera throw was a dime in a bucket to a walk-on. The second, shown after a Coach Prime coaching moment, was a bomb down the sideline to Hunter.

Shedeur is throwing against the scout team. The video shows his best throws of the day. It’s just two throws. He could have gone 2-for-35 for all we know— but that’s what this time of year is for!

As clips surface from spring practices around the country, we get to freak out over a whole bunch of nothing. It’s our right as college football fans!

Even still, Shedeur Sanders to Travis Hunter Jr. is going to be a PROBLEM for the Pac-12.

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