Best of Screencaps: Hannah White Is A Breakout Star, Sensual MLB Closed Captioning & The Titans Load Up To Beat Tebow

This Week In OutKick:

Let's start off this week's recap with what the OutKick360 squad of Chad Withrow, Paul Kuharsky and Jonathan Hutton pulled off this week at Nashville Topgolf. The guys sold out their event that helped raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Tennessee. That's commendable stuff from the guys and it looks like everyone had a fun night and the fellas were even able to chase a sunset as a threesome.

• While I'm dealing in OutKick360 news, Withrow wasn't in the mood to hear Nashville gossip hounds spreading falsehoods.

• I received a text Saturday morning from Clay and it sure didn't include any past tense phrasing. It was incredibly positive and he even told me to enjoy my time in Traverse City. There were definitely no farewells.

• In OutKick t-shirt news, I received a text Saturday from the t-shirt manager who sent in the sales numbers for the Thursday Night Mowing League masterpiece. "Had to send the screenshot so you would believe it!" he wrote.

Let me just say that anytime the t-shirt manager is screenshotting sales numbers so I would "believe it" is a great time for my career. I know there were some of you out there who thought OutKick being sold to Fox News would be the end of the road for me on the Internet. Nonsense! Guys, we're building a lawn mowing revolution around here. I will not stop until I place a #TNML member on Fox and Friends. I promise that's one of my new goals. Heck, I might even get crazy and fight to get two of you on Fox and Friends.

I also told you guys a long time ago that OutKick would be my last Internet stop. A Fox News executive will have to pull my WordPress account from my cold dead hands. The t-shirt manager pretty much just guaranteed my future around here. We have shirts to sell!

• OutKick's Bobby Burack continues to work his media sources to get scoops like RG3 testing for broadcasting jobs after he decides to stop being a backup. That's what I like around here. We all sort of have our own little beats going on. If you hate my work, you might like what Bobby is pumping out and vice versa.

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