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Have you ever started zooming in on far-off parts of the United States and realized you’ve seen like .00005% of this country?

This morning, I came across an auction for pieces of the Mackinac Bridge because I’m heading north with the family tomorrow afternoon, and all of a sudden everything Up North Michigan has my interest. That led me down a Google Earth rabbit hole and zooming in on Michigan islands north of Mackinac that sit on the north side of Lake Huron, Drummond Island to be specific. Why? It looked remote. I’m sure people that have fishing cabins and summer cottages there love the location.

It got me thinking about other far-reaching parts of this country and places you guys may have been to that are interesting. Tell me about them. I’d love to hear about hidden gems out there that the hip New York travel magazines won’t write about. I’m not even looking for travel destinations. Just interesting gems out there. Email:

It doesn’t have to be some Great Lakes island. There are areas of Minnesota that I didn’t realize were inhabited until I zoomed in on remote towns like Angle Inlet. Anyone ever been there? Is it interesting? It’s definitely remote and probably not something Travel & Leisure magazine is covering.

As for our trip this weekend, we’ll be in Traverse City, Michigan doing what all the elites do when they head north to TC. We’ll hit up a brewery, the sand dunes, chase sunsets, visit all the little towns along M-22 and make sure to keep saying how refreshing it is Up North®. We’ll let the kids skip rocks into Lake Michigan, fish, use the pedal boat, burn things in the fire pit, etc.

TC definitely isn’t one of the undiscovered parts of the U.S., but it’s still one of those nice places where the highway system doesn’t service and offers plenty of different landscape options for Facebook moms to fuel their digital photo albums.

• Are you ready for the deciding Game 3 of the Women’s College World Series? Buckle up for the 3 p.m. EST first pitch on ESPN. That’s right, 3 ET. Why are they playing at 3 ET? Because ESPN has the NBA Playoffs tonight and that event makes more money for Disney. So you’ll get the big deciding game in the middle of the afternoon.

• Speaking of the softball World Series, TNML member Philly Kev sent the following DM: “Just as an FYI my guys are completely locked into the Softball World Series. Literally breaking it down! I have more friends following the Softball World Series than the NBA playoffs and it ain’t close!”

• The U.S. recorded its first lightning death of the year Wednesday afternoon after a man in his 70s was killed after being struck while seeking shelter on a New Jersey golf course. It was the longest the U.S. has ever gone into a year — in recorded history — before recording a lightning death.

• Here’s the next thing that all the guys in your neighborhood will be buying — robot dogs. You can get into the robot dog world for just $2,700 and not have to train the damn thing to take a leak out in the yard. This thing will even fetch a beer for you without stopping to lick its balls. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Robot dogs are about to be all the rage.

• Good luck out there tonight with the lawns. I’ll be battling pop-up showers and avoiding being killed by lightning. Don’t become a statistic.

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There's nothing quite like a $1.50 hotdog and soda to commemorate your wedding! Thanks for sharing @thomasmillerphoto.

Posted by Costco on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Look what I came home to. Right out side my neighbors house. Omg.

Posted by Margie Meek on Sunday, June 6, 2021



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