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Monday morning…that time when you figure out the house is freezing cold because the air is set to 67

It’s like the Florida tropics outside this morning here in Ohio, and all I could think of while throwing together Morning Screencaps is how cold the house has been for the last two hours. Ice cold. Either my blood is thinning out like the old-timers out there always complain about, or the thermostat was set too low. And then I see the thermostat was set to 67! What?

Yeah, I forgot that the air conditioning guy was out here going through a service check a couple of weeks ago when it was 75 and we didn’t need the air. I set it to 67 to keep the air running during his check. I even remember him reminding me to change the setting, but life gets in the way of those things and then you realize two weeks later that the air has been sitting at 67 all weekend. I’m going to take the L on this one.

Speaking of taking the L, shoutout to all the people who dropped $50 to watch Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather. I can’t figure out what those of you who pay for this stuff are expecting out of it. I have to believe people are now so trained to know what’s happening in the viral world that they’ll pay the money just so they’re not left behind on a text exchange. Josh in Philly doesn’t want his boys firing off flaming hot Snap responses to each other and not know what they’re talking about. The next thing Floyd Mayweather knows, he’s buying more jewelry and feeding his kids Almas caviar and having them wash it down with bottles of non-alcoholic Juglar Cuvee.

Did you buy the fight? Tell me why. I’ll keep you anonymous, if you’d like. Email:

• After having two butter bun golf course dogs during a 36-hole, two-course, marathon scramble event on Sunday, I have to say butter hot dog buns just might be my thing this summer. If you’re running a golf course and not toasting butter buns for your customers, you’re not doing it right. Am I paying the price for crushing those two dogs loaded with the works from the condiment bar over a 10-hour period? Yes. Was it completely worth it? I’d do it all over again today in a heartbeat.

• Rann R. in Jeffersonville, IN writes:

Joe, love your column. I look forward to it daily. Thanks. I would appreciate an update on the 97 year old gentleman who was wearing the USS Enterprise hat. I am a Navy veteran and my dad was too, having served on submarines during WW2. This man’s story needs to be told. 

My son has had one baseball game since I met the man in the USS Enterprise hat, and I didn’t see him at that game. There’s another game tonight so hang tight, I’ll see if he’s there.

• For those of you who want to see how far some of these Instagram models will go to get the perfect photo or fool you into thinking they’re flying in business class only to be shoved into economy, Joe E. in Colorado suggests checking out Reddit’s Instagram Reality board.

“If you’re ever in Colorado – I’ll but you a beer (a good Colorado beer!),” Joe added.

• All it took for Jeff Bezos to start enjoying his money was to divorce his wife. That released the inner Bad Boy Bezos. How do I know? This guy says he’ll be the first passenger on a spaceflight via his company Blue Origin. Jeff’s planning on blasting into space July 20. “I want to go on this flight because it’s the thing I’ve wanted to do all my life,” Bad Boy Bezos wrote on Instagram. Imagine Jeff walking into some Hamptons party after going to space. Ladies just throwing themselves at Bad Boy as he tries to suck down some of that Almas caviar while the poors slam butter bun hotdogs.

I’m sticking with the butter buns on my patio trying to get warm from the 67-degree air conditioning while Jeff’s off in space adding to his ‘Bad Boy 4 Lyfe’ Instagram profile bio.

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