Brewers Players Take Subway To Play Mets After President Biden Traffic Jam

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The Milwaukee Brewers unexpectedly had to take a Manhattan, New York subway to their game last night. Unfortunately for the Mets, The Brew Crew then took out their frustrations on them.

Due to President Biden being in town and causing massive gridlock, some Brewers players had to get creative. There were street closures all over the city.

After the first team bus pulled out of the Brewers Midtown, Manhattan hotel and was at a standstill for over 50 minutes after going just a few blocks, pitcher Corbin Burnes took matters into his own hands. “I was sitting there and we hadn’t moved in like 15 minutes. I turned around and was like, We’re going to have to take the damn train,” he told reporters after last night’s 3-2 victory.

Some Milwaukee Brewers players took the subway before defeating the Mets last night. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)


Burnes and relief pitcher Hoby Millner used Siri and Google Maps to get off the bus. They walked to the subway where they eventually took the Blue Line to the 7 train before getting off at CitiField. “Siri said 50 minutes and that was if we started moving, so I checked how fast the subway would be. And it said, like, 32 minutes,” Millner explained. He was joined by 4 other players including the most important one – starting pitcher Adrian Houser.

For those that may have been hesitant to take the NYC subway due to the very real possibility that they may have gotten mugged, the team bus didn’t roll in till 30 minutes after the subway had already pulled up. Even worse – some players like Devin Williams, Owen Miller and Jesse Winker sat in an Uber for over two hours, while the latter team bus took over and an hour and a half to get to the stadium – double the regular time.


As far as the game went, it took the Brewers a bit of time to get stretched and into the flow of things. After Houser gave up 2 early runs to the Mets, he was able to get it together and with the bullpen’s help held the Mets scoreless the rest of the way. And of course the Mets ended up being what the Mets are, and blew the 2-0 shutout before ultimately losing 3-2.

Fortunately for their trip home, the Brewers were able to relax on an airplane as they head to Pittsburgh to start a series against the Pirates. Meanwhile, it’s the same old story with the Mets who lost their 7th of the last 9 games. And just like the Brewers earlier bus ride, no end in sight.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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