President Biden Wanders Off MSNBC Set During Live Interview

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President Joe Biden gave MSNBC viewers an all-time strange moment during a Thursday interview.

The President sat down with Nicole Wallace for a softball interview that featured no questions about his son Hunter’s texts alleging he was going to use his dad to pressure business associates, his criminal charges or child support situation with the woman Hunter has a child with.

However, the softball nature of the interview was hardly what most people noticed. It was the fact Biden appeared to just decide the interview was done and wandered off.

Wallace appeared to sense Biden was ready to go, and then without waiting for a cut or a commercial, the 46th President just up and wandered off on live TV.

Joe Biden walks off MSNBC set on live TV.

As you’d expect, the reactions to Biden walking off the set on live TV were pretty funny. At this point, gaffes from Biden are just par from the course, but this one seemed to be next level.

Lots of people on Twitter immediately noticed, and couldn’t help but to weigh in.

This was a very embarrassing moment.

Anyone who has ever done TV knows you don’t just start wandering around while cameras are rolling. You don’t ever do it.

Movement starts once the commercials are underway or there’s a pivot with the camera to something else. The most generous interpretation of what happened here is Biden just didn’t wait, and started getting on his way. That’s the generous way to look at it.

The other option is he just called it quits and decided to saunter on off on live TV. Which one do we think it is? It’s impossible to say for sure, and the White House will never say anything other than the first option.

President Joe Biden wandered off set during MSNBC interview. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

However, this is the same man who recently claimed Putin was losing his war in Iraq. Vladimir Putin and his Russian military forces have never fought a war in Iraq.

Russia is currently fighting in Ukraine. You’d think Biden would know that seeing as how he’s quarterbacking Ukraine’s aid.

President Joe Biden continues to draw headlines for reasons he probably would prefer to avoid, but at least Twitter seems to enjoy them. Next time, wait for commercial break before heading off the set. It’s day one stuff.

Written by David Hookstead

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