Alix Earle Rides The Bull, Paulina Gretzky Meets Fan, Girl Scout Fauci, Cuban WBC Player On The Run

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Nothing like coming out of a holiday weekend filled with non-stop March Madness action, huh? How’s everyone feeling today? We good? Better than UM heartthrob Alix Earle after getting punted off a mechanical bull, I hope.

Probably not, though. I certainly feel like I got kicked in the head by a bull today, but that may also be because I was up three times last night with a teething toddler.

I’ll tell you what, when they say your 30s ain’t the same as your 20s, they weren’t lying. Different worlds, man.

Speaking of different worlds, Anthony Fauci has resorted to going door-to-door in Washington DC trying to push the useless COVID shot, Paulina Gretzky met a fan at the LIV Tourney over the weekend, and a Cuban player in the WBC is on the run.

Not a bad lineup for a Monday!

Let’s all get back on the horse after a long weekend and dive into the week head first. I’d suggest maybe a Vodka-Red Bull just to get the ball rolling.

All right, Alix. Let’s ride the bull.

Alix Earle TikTok girl.
Alix Earle gives the bull a go.

TikTok ‘It Girl’ Alix Earle has a big week

We’ve hit on Alix Earle a few times in the past here at OutKick, but it’s been a while. While we may be slacking, Earle is grabbing the bull by the horns and expanding her portfolio.

The #content game doesn’t sleep, boys and girls. Some days you’re in Nashville putting out heaters, and the next you’re at Madison Square Garden braving the cold with your mom.

As I said earlier, different worlds.

How about this exchange in the comments section, too? As they say, this ain’t your momma’s momma.

For the third time today … different worlds.

Looks like Mrs. Earle can GET IT. Anyone else getting some Stacy’s Mom vibes right now? Don’t act like you’re above that song, either. One of the best of the early-2000s, and if you don’t agree you’re a psycho.

Anyone looking to kill some time today with a walk-man, I’d suggest taking a stroll around the block to Now That’s What I Call Music! 14. Absolutely iconic CD.

Alix Earle, Paris Hilton and the Hurricanes

OK, back to Alix – a senior at the University of Miami.

When she was done riding bulls and watching the Rangers, she also dabbled in the advertising game. Can’t be strutting across the country without putting in the work, folks.

Anyway, here’s a now-viral post of Alix posing for something called Forever 21 with nearly half-a-million people commenting to tell her she looks just like Paris Hilton.

And you know what? I see it.

Alix Earle and Paris Hilton.
Paris Hilton (L) and Alix Earle.

Yep. What a duo. I see a collab in their very near future.

Finally, let’s end the Alix Earle portion of today’s class with her getting hyped before the UM Men’s team dismantled Indiana Sunday night.

Hurricanes are legit, by the way. Feel like we don’t talk about Jim Larrañaga enough, either. Coach L is a damn winner, and he’s turned Miami into a powerhouse BASKETBALL school.

By the way, I’m only half-joking.

Fauci gets embarrassed on COVID vaccine hunt

Let’s go from one “It Girl” to another!

Tony Fauci, step right up! For those of you keep tabs at home, we’ve now reached the ‘Girl Scout Cookie’ portion of the COVID pandemic.

And for those who don’t know what that means, it’s basically when Big Pharma sends evil old guys door-to-door to try and sell you a load of crap.

It appears everyone is responding well to it, too!

I mean, it’s just perfect. I wanna give this guy a great, big bear hug – one unvaccinated individual to another. And you know what? I hope we BOTH get COVID from it!

Take that, Tony!

And how about the last 20 seconds? Chaos. Beautiful chaos with our man shooing the science nerds away by telling them they’re all fearmongers and then BAM, cutaway to Tony popping pills in the car.


Well, the climate folks say the clock is ticking

Speaking of baseless fear mongering, let’s check in with the New York Times!

LOVE the “Breaking News” kicker, too. As if the Times has just unearthed an absolute BOMBSHELL revelation.

Nope. It’s just yet another story about how earth is about to burn itself up. I bet Greta Thunberg runs this Twitter account.

Anyway, the short story here is that scientists say earth’s temperature is going to rise 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial levels sometime around “the first half of the 2030s.” That evidently means we’re all in for an absolutely BRUTAL summer in roughly a decade, so buckle the hell up.

Scientists say the impacts of catastrophic heat waves, flooding, drought, crop failures and species extinction become significantly harder for humanity to handle.

Well, there you have it, folks. Enjoy the cool weather while you still can here in the Roaring 20s. I know I certainly won’t.

It’s 43 degrees in Florida today. Personally, I hope we pass that 1.5 degree threshold before dinner.

Paulina Gretzky meets a fan at LIV event which nobody watched

If Tony Fauci thinks selling people on the COVID vaccine is tough, at least he doesn’t have to try and get them to watch LIV!

Whoof. Seriously. Whooooooof.

Nobody is watching this thing, and I like LIV, so don’t come after me for taking a shot at it! But … nobody is watching it.

My God. I didn’t think it was possible to do WORSE than Mexico, but they figured it out. Unreal.

The good news, however, is that LIV still has Queen Paulina Gretzky. You know who doesn’t have Paulina? The PGA Tour.

Take that, haters!

Anyway, Paulina was strolling around the course over the weekend while DJ and the Aces played a few holes, and she ran into a spectator with an electric shirt.

Turns out, he’s a big Paulina Gretzky fan. What are the odds?!

Paulina Gretzky LIV.
Everybody loves Paulina Gretzky!
Paulina Gretzky says go 4 Aces!
Paulina Gretzky roots for the Aces!

Cuban bullpen catcher on the run

On our way out, let’s talk about someone who’s literally on his way out. How about this bait-and-switch from Iván Prieto González, a bullpen catcher on Team Cuba?

From the Miami Herald:

Iván Prieto González, who was the catcher in the Cuban team bullpen helping pitchers warm up, stayed in Miami after the game and didn’t show up at Miami International Airport for the team’s flight to Havana.

What balls. Love it. And hey, now Prieto can say he’s the first player to defect during the World Baseball Classic. Hell of a pickup line. Get this man a drink!

By the way, it was a TOUGH weekend for the WBC haters out there. Team USA’s win over Venezuela Saturday night was one of the most electric things I’ve ever seen. Trea Turner launching grand slams into space to vault the US into the semifinals is a moment nobody will forget.

But nobody cares, get rid of it, it doesn’t matter!

Yeah, nobody cares. OK. Go ahead and watch that USA-Venezuela game and tell me nobody cared. That crowd was better than anything you’re gonna get from now through September.

Get out of here with that crap.

Yep. Dead silent in there. Empty seats everywhere. Absolutely zero energy.

Good one.

OK, here’s Stacy’s Mom to take us home because I promised it earlier and forgot about it until right now.

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  1. I have greatly enjoyed the WBC. As someone saddled with a hometown baseball-oriented business w/ a 48K seat bar and an owner who doesn’t care about actually winning (the Rockies), it’s been great baseball. Even with the stupid pitching rules. Hell, just replace the Rockies with the Czech team for a season and I’d be more interested. At least I get Extra Innings for free.

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