TikTok Star Alix Earle Celebrates Her ‘Boobaversary’

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TikTok star Alix Earle is an open book. She isn’t afraid to put her personal life on social media, maybe even do a little oversharing from time to time. That fact is rumored to have caused her relationship with Angels infielder Tyler Wade to fall apart at the end of last year.

The classic social media influencer and athlete relationship that didn’t workout, because he wouldn’t post anything about her on his social media accounts. You have to keep your options open on the road after all. You can’t do that by plastering your girlfriend all over social media.

Alix seemingly voiced her frustration with Wade during a TiKTok live video last month. She said during the livestream, “Post me, b-tch.” That comment appeared to be aimed at her ex and his inability to post her on his social media.

TikTok Star Alix Earle Celebrates Her 'Boobaversary'
TikTok star celebrates her “boobaversary” (Image Credit: Alix Earle)

While frustrated, she didn’t seem to be too broken up by the relationship coming to an end. With all of that drama behind her, Alix had some celebrating to do this weekend. That’s because Friday was the one-year anniversary of her breast augmentation surgery. Or as she calls it, her “boobaversary.”

How does one celebrate a “boobaversary?” With friends of course. She revealed that they were planning to have a “booby party” complete with champagne and little booby cupcakes.

But before all of that fun got started, Alix took to TikTok to discuss getting her 275 cc breast implants that were inserted through her armpits.

This Is Worthy Of A Celebration

The worst part of the entire experience, according to the 22-year-old was walking into the room to have the procedure. She said, “No one tells you they’re just going to walk you into this cold, refrigerated room, and there’s like, a table, and next to it just like, a tray with knives and slicers.”

“And you’re sitting there, just like, ‘Oh my God, I’m about to get cut open,” she revealed. “That was the only thing that was a little scary, but I told the guy – just right away – with the anesthesia, ‘Knock me out, right now.'”

It’s these kinds of stories that have made her a social media star. The need to share has likely cost her at least one relationship. She’ll need to pump the breaks on that a little with an athlete who might be taking a “test drive.”

Nevertheless, Alix is primed for a monster year of influencing the youth virtually through multiple social media apps. She sent a .216 hitter packing and her breasts have just now fully settled post-surgery.

Not to mention that she’s easily going to top more than five million followers across TikTok and Instagram very soon. If all of those aren’t signs that she’s primed for an internet trip to the moon I don’t know what is.

Written by Sean Joseph

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