Alix Earle, the World’s No. 1 Ranked TikTok ‘IT Girl’, Dumps MLB Boyfriend Over Instagram Violation

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According to OutKick Culture Department sources, major drama has erupted within the TikTok community after Alix Earle — the world’s No. 1 ranked TikTok ‘IT GIRL’, as named today by the OutKick Culture Department — dumped her Major League Baseball boyfriend Tyler Wade over a major Instagram violation.

Whew, what an opening paragraph.

Stick with me here as I wade through the TikTok waters to explain the scenario that has OutKick’s Hayley Caronia kicking down my door to do a full-scale report on proceedings.

According to Caronia, Alix Earle, a 22-year-old University of Miami Herbert Business School student, is the biggest TikTok star in the world right now. I’m led to believe that Earle is bigger than any math tutor China propaganda is showing to its children on the Chinese version of TikTok. All signs point to Earle being a massive mainstream star in 2023 as the world evolves and Gen Z adjusts its ‘IT GIRL’ hierarchy.

Now that you understand just how famous Earle is to the 18-to-26-year-old community, you need to understand why there was a 10.0 magnitude TikTok earthquake. Caronia tells me that Earle flipped out on the 28-year-old Wade — a six-year MLB vet who spent 2022 with the Angels after five years playing for the Yankees — and dumped him because the second baseman refused to post photos of Earle on his Instagram page.

“Post me, b-tch,” Alix announced on a December 19 TikTok Live video.

TikTok Insiders® tell OutKick it was in September when Wade created “Be my GF” out of roses on a bed. The relationship was officially TikTok official. Again, that was September. Early cuffing season. It was just in time for pumpkin patch trips and romantic nights by a gas fireplace.

Wade appeared on several Alix Earle content pieces including shirtless on one of her wildly crazy popular “Get Ready With Me” videos.

There were other videos from Earle. She was clearly into Wade. The problem: He wasn’t that into her.

Ladies, let me cut to the chase here — men love to test drive cars, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, planes, and women. It’s crystal clear that Alix got caught up in a test-drive scenario. Weekend fling. Maybe an eight-week fling. Side piece situation. Road trip side piece. Slam piece.

The Queen of TikTok got played.

Earle supporters, including Caronia, claim Wade “fumbled the bag” with this relationship, but Wade clearly knew she wanted him to show her to all his friends. He refused to post any. She drew a line in the social media sand. He refused to blink and now they’re both free agents.

Team Earle seems to be in denial.

“This will no doubt be the biggest L in Tyler’s life,” one Team Earle supporter wrote on TikTok.

“Literally the BIGGEST fumble Tyler Wade has made in his whole life,” wrote another.

The ladies just kept firing away at poor Tyler.

Quick hitters:

“This is why you put your friends before a man you did it right queen.”

“Gotta be tough losing THE Alix Earle.”

“tyler babe… the fumble is ASTRONOMICAL.”

“It triggered me when he would shake his head at you every video he was in!!! Good for you!!”

And the biggest insult for Tyler might’ve been from Adriana, who wrote, “Now let’s find you an athlete that actually plays 💋.” Wade played in 67 games for the Angels and managed a .218 batting average and a .272 OBP.

It’s hard to explain to women these days that athletes don’t care how popular you are on social media. They’re willing to throw fish back into the sea. Olivia Dunne’s boyfriend cheated on her. Nick Bosa pretty much dumped the world’s No. 1 ranked physician assistant Jenna Berman.

Guys test drive.

Then they go back into the DMs on more fishing expeditions to see what they can catch. Is it a brutal game to play when Earle clearly had feelings for the MLB vet? Yes, but now she’s world famous on TikTok and as her supporter wrote, it’s time for Alix to find her a middle reliever who wants to post an IG image of her at least four times a year.

Get into the DMs. Alix was treated poorly and now she’s ready for revenge. Buckle up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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    • The old butter face comparison. I haven’t heard that one in awhile. Thanks for refreshing my memory.
      I think any of these IG girls would be a pain in the ass. They only care about themselves. I don’t think many will have a long shelf life.

  1. Joe, I wish this didn’t need coverage, but given he’s a pro athlete I suppose it qualifies. One correction though, you wrote she was clearly into Wade. Should say, she was clearly into her IG account to which Wade was a prop and an uncooperative one at that….which is a deal breaker, he’ll be alright though.

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