Alarming Details Continue to Surface About Jacob Blake, Kenosha Incident That Shut Down Sports

The sports world has been shut down over the second half of the last week in the aftermath of protests stemming from a video that surfaced showing a police officer shooting a Black man in Kenosha (WI) as he attempted to get back into his car.

At least that was the first version of the story.

As the rest of the facts come out — like the second video — and now a much more detailed report from the situation, it paints a much different picture from what was the narrative in the immediate aftermath. One that, if players-turned-activists waited to gather the facts, could have changed the course of action.

A full breakdown is available from the New York Post, but the details are as follows:

29-year-old Jacob Blake was legally forbidden from being on the property where he was ultimately shot. The police were called to the scene because he was breaking a restraining order, not because he was innocently breaking up a fight.

Blake was on said restraining order after he was accused in a criminal complaint, that was obtained by The Post, of breaking into the home and sexually assaulting the female resident. It detailed that he used his finger to digitally penetrate her body after which he sniffed it and said, “Smells like you’ve been with other men.”

The police were called to the residence because he was there.

The police responded inside of three minutes after the 911 call came in. Blake was shot 7 times in the back as he attempted to get into his car.

In between the response and the shooting, the police wrestled Blake to the ground in an attempt to subdue him. Which was unsuccessful.

They tasered him. Twice.

He had an officer in a headlock before making his attempt to walk back to this car and leave the scene. It was at that point that the officers resulted to using deadly force.

In the subsequent days LeBron James spoke out, the Milwaukee Bucks protested by not playing its playoff game — a move that was immediately followed by the Rockets and Thunder — and it spurred talk of shutting down the entire league playoffs.

WNBA players refused to play, leading to this photo, where players spelled out Jacob Blake’s name on their tshirts. Yes, the same Jacob Blake who was accused of felony sexual assault and so terrified another black woman that she called police 911 to have police come protect her from Blake. 

The protest moved into MLB missing games and having hard conversations while also resulting in a list of demands to Wisconsin lawmakers.

Much of the aftermath was rushed into the court of public opinion where a rush to judgement was made.

As the facts continue to change the course of the conversation, it is time to refer to Candace Owens and her notation that we are one of the only countries that will elevate criminals into heroes overnight.


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  1. I’m sure the low IQ athletes will go “oh, my bad” as this unfolds. They’ll resurface when the police are acquitted and rioting ensues in the name of justice.

  2. Too bad the on air ‘talent’ at fox radio is stoking the incident imo.

    I’m getting close to dropping fox sports on weekends.

    I’m gonna give Lavar a chance to talk me off the ledge Sunday.

    Ketino Mobley may be a nice fella, but he seems to talk out of both sides of his mouth more and more. Maybe he and Colin should have a show together.

    They can call it ‘feels n facts’ and ‘which way is the wind blowing’ …

  3. For true, ZPZ…and the human tools will always be given some kind of straw man to focus their anger on, while the marxists/socialists running this operation from within (and without) continue with the singular aim of destroying America.
    As Rand Paul said in an interview with Tucker last night, we’re moving in the right direction.
    The masters of the universe can’t have that…it’s already been way to long in their minds that America is the envy of the world…and once 2016 happened THEIR VISION for the future was put in serious jeopardy.
    Everything will intensify up to the election with marxist-socialist squadrismo (action squads) being given free reign by Joey B and his Blue Crew.

  4. As we know, this isn’t new. High profile people and organizations continue to rush to judgement before all the facts are known. It is hard to believe that all of these entities are that unwise. I still do not believe we know enough about the Blake situation to make any definitive statements, other than, these are deliberate, knee-jerk actions showing the epitome of peer pressure wrapped in a desire to impact the upcoming elections.

  5. The NBA is a complete disgrace. They cancel games in a defense of a career criminal who “digitally penetrates women and tells them it smells like they’ve been with other men”; a career criminal who showed up threateningly at this woman’s home and then proceeded to wrestle with police. ……….Meanwhile, the NBA also stokes racial tensions so that more people can be killed in lawless cities while they safely tweet from their bubble. And what do these great “intellectuals” say when liberal media interviews them? The cry like children, “why do they hate us”, while not actually giving a sh#* about real children killed in lawless cities.

  6. I understand the police had to stop the guy from fleeing the scene in his car as he would have become a become a threat to the public at large in a chase scenario. But, 7 shots in the back is a PR problem as it makes the argument for excessive force an easy one. Every bullet matters these days.

    • I agree that some kind of stun gun, more powerful than a Taser but not lethal, must be put into use for interactions such as this. Considering the police have targets on their backs, any use of a gun, on even the most violent criminal, is going to create a social justice spectacle. That said, the race hustlers will just shift their demonization of cops using firearms to cops using stun guns; the “criminal as martyr” narrative won’t change. It may, though, keep an overworked cop in a tense situation out of a potential murder charge and a long prison sentence. If only the prosecutors would keep the career criminals cops must often deal with IN prison.

      • Stun guns can be lethal on a rare occasion, so I don’t see a more powerful weapon as an option. In fact, the Atlanta DA that charged the cop with murder for shooting Brooks even called a stun gun a deadly weapon the week before when other cops used them on a couple of people in a car. So if not murder, these activists DAs will still try to charge cops with attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon if they only use tasers.

    • My guess is that his opinion will not change one bit. I would love to hook him up (and other talking heads) to a lie detector to find out what they really think after being forced to read all the evidence.

      The Blake parents are more rational than the vast majority of the news media. Watch the interview with Don Lemon from CNN. He does not get the answers he was expecting.

      The look on his face says it all when he thinks he is pitching liberal talking point softballs and the poor lady drills a line drive right back at him.

  7. Been interesting to read through the overwhelmingly negative and downright angry comments on MLB networks FB page the last couple days. As evidenced by their weak ratings in a sports starved nation, MLB was already on thin ice with their shrinking fan base after the labor fight over the summer and their Opening Day glorification of a creepy Marxist cult like BLM. Now that they have glorified a career criminal and credibly accused sexual predator who was shot while resisting arrest, I get the sense that a lot of long time fans are finished with MLB for the rest of this season. At this point Rob Manfred may as well cancel the season, hide under a rock for a few months, and pray fans forget about this by the time pitchers and catchers report next spring.

    On the bright side for Manfred, there is a good chance that the NFL says “hold my beer” and so thoroughly beclowns itself with SJW crap in a couple weeks that it will redirect the overall ire of sports fans for a while.

    • LMAO, Patrick…pretty sure you’re right about “hold my beer”…while Roger puts on a big, spongy red nose, steps up to the microphone and wets his pants begging Kaep to accept his sincerest apologies for ever doubting Kaep’s sincerity.

      • Ha. Rick I can assure you that if upvoting your response was an option, I would be doing so right now.

        The thing about the NFL too is that a few teams look like they will have a limited number of fans in the stands too. It will be very entertaining to see the players whine and moan after they get booed like that MLS crybaby a few weeks ago.

    • And that “hold my beer” has become a reality. Check out what they have planned for Week 1. The losses they’re gonna take from this will make 2016 look like the viewership numbers for the series finale of M*A*S*H.

      • Yeah I think you are pretty much spot on about the upcoming ratings carnage for the NFL. Their ratings may be ok for Week 1, just because so many people are excited to have football back. But after people tune in and realize they are watching a creepy, far left political rally disguised as a football game, they will quickly tune out. By Weeks 2 and 3 their ratings will be in the toilet – probably worse than they were in ‘16 and ‘17 like you said. By the end of September ball washers like Mike Florio will be twisting themselves into a pretzel trying to blame everything but the protests for the decline (just like he was a couple years ago).

  8. Facts do matter and anyone who would sexually assault a woman like that and remember he had his kids with him in the car just an animal. Police were called there they didn’t just wander in if the dude would have cuffed up and got in the cruiser that would have been the end of it. But he chose to resist and fight tasered twice and these clueless athletes should be ashamed for standing up for this animal unreal.Seems like the queen and others like him always take the perps side never the police and of course never wait for all the facts makes them look even more stupid and ignorant.

  9. About this “before making his attempt to walk back to this car and leave the scene” part:
    Police said they found a knife in the vehicle on the driver’s floor.
    Blake opened the door and reached into the vehicle with both arms.
    Normally, people getting into their vehicle to assume a driving position — to “leave the scene” — enter with their legs and lower body first, not reaching in with their arms.
    He had already told the cops he had a knife.
    So as he reached, they had a legitimate expectation that he was not getting in to drive but going for the knife.
    Not sure why seven shots any more than I am how seven shots didn’t kill him.
    But this didn’t turn peaceful just because he got off the ground from tussling with an officer and walked around to the driver’s door.
    These sports leagues have picked a horrible incident to attach themselves to, spending their credibility on another bad actor before learning details. It’s going to cost them.

    • Hey Lorne…VERY IMPORTANT point…we knows the police told him to drop the knife…and as you say…if you’re getting in the car to leave you go feet first into the car!!!
      Seven shots…that’s a lot…probably the first time he ever shot someone…worrying about his own safety…could Blake turn around with a gun and start shooting? Just a terrible situation that didn’t have to happen.

  10. I’m sure ass-kissing radio host Jim Rome will say nothing about this information either. I had the displeasure of tuning into Rome’s show on Thursday during a quick lunch hour errand. After an airing of grievances from a few players, Rome started his own lecture. After condemning any of his listeners who may have changed the dial, he railed against a Lakers fan who called in, who was angry the team forfeited their games at this point in the season. Rome’s patronizing dismissal of his own listener as an out of touch racist was a classic take on what woke sports media has become today.

    I switched the dial after that…and will never return. Unfortunately, Mike Greenberg over on ESPN radio offered the same woke platitudes.

    • There may be a couple teams I’m missing, but if I remember right the Chiefs, Cowboys, Texans and Dolphins (And maybe the Jaguars) have all announced they intend to have fans in at limited capacity. That means that some of these players who have been getting their asses kissed on social media – and by the likes of Rome, Greenberg, LaCanfora and Florio – are going to be in for quite a surprise when fans start booing their “look at me” protests. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the teams (thinking maybe the Texans and diva Kenny Stills) got so butthurt that they walk off the field because the fans hurt their widdle feelings.

  11. I really wish they would have boycotted the rest of the season. When none of the “please come back and play” came from the fans, it might have given them the wakeup call they need to realize their opinions on social issues are trash to us.

  12. Lebron, Doc Rivers and company will never apologize. They will ignore the facts like they did in the Michael Brown case. They will keep telling the story they want to believe and their followers will believe it. The mainstream media will continue the narrative and downplay the facts. That is why Outkick is going to continue to explode with popularity. Talk radio is a great place for political conservatives because there was no outlet for their views at ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and CNN in the 80’s. Rush Limbaugh exploded on the scene and many followed. Now Outkick is the medium for independent fact based sports fans who prefer their sports without politics. Outkick challenges the status quo in the media. Outkick will explode with readers and members. Others will follow in their steps. This is a very good thing for everyone.

  13. We seriously need to review media standards and ethics when it comes to reporting on criminal cases BEFORE all the facts have been gathered. It’s endangering people, stirring up confusion and anger for no reason, and has gotten people killed. Why is no one bringing this up as the problem? There’s malpractice afoot, but who holds the media accountable? I guess no one? That’s dangerous and needs to change. The media of today is causing more problems than it’s helping solve. Reform sure as heck needs to happen in this country alright, but not primarily with police. The media needs reform! They are basically an antinomian organization no one is holding accountable for errors. It’s not right, it’s completely out of control, and is literally about to cause a civil war.

  14. This has truly become insane. All of these leagues trying to promote women in these male sports and then they go and turn a wanted sex assault suspect of a female into a martyr? And the WNBA? How are they getting away with defending this guy? What’s scary is anlot of these incidents are being caught on camera. The fighting and resisting cops. Refusing to obey lawful orders? These people and organizations are disgusting. And Pete Carrol got on a soapbox to lecture white people apparently. He’s a clown. Not rushing to give up his head coaching spot to a black person though.

  15. If you live in the US and you see 25 special police in riot gear, please get the hell out of their way because they are probably headed toward a shooting, looting, burning, murder, assault and battery, armed robbery, larceny, burglary, aggravated assault, etc. Millions of people in the US have a problem and the inability to understand simple English commands like, “Put your hands up”, “stop”, “get your hands out of your pockets”, “Don’t reach into your clothes”, “stop walking back to your vehicle”, don’t run and don’t interfere with a police investigation. If you follow these rules there is a 99% chance that you won’t get hurt or killed.

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