Milwaukee Bucks List Demands for Wisconsin Lawmakers and Law Enforcement

After making the first decision to sit out the NBA playoffs, risking potential forfeit of Game 5 against the Orlando Magic, the Milwaukee Bucks convened as a team in front of media in the Orlando bubble to give a statement that was read by Sterling Brown and George Hill. Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports documented:

The statement concluded:

When we take the court and represent Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we are expected to play at a high level, give maximum effort, and hold each other accountable. We hold ourselves to that standard and in this moment we are demanding the same of lawmakers and law enforcement. We are calling for justice for Jacob Blake and demand the officer be held accountable. For this to occur, it is imperative for the Wisconsin state legislature to reconvene after months of inaction and take up meaningful measures to address issues of police accountability, brutality, and criminal justice reform. We encourage all citizens to educate themselves, take peaceful and responsible action, and remember to vote November 3rd.

From a basketball perspective, the prevailing question becomes when play will resume again. The Bucks players are presenting issues that are highly unlikely to get resolved on an immediate time horizon. Even if the Wisconsin legislature does reconvene, Democrats and Republicans in the state have a particularly rancorous relationship and it’s difficult to envision something satisfactory to Bucks players coming together quickly.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. We the citizens of Outkick encourage all woke athletes to read and gather all facts about extremely edited and biased content on the internet so we don’t immediately jump to a likely incorrect conclusion.

  2. That sound you hear — the high-pitched, sanctimonious, know-nothing, race-obsessed mewling accompanied by the sound of millions of channels being changed on the remote — is the the increasingly farcical NBA becoming utterly irrelevant to normal Americans. The LeBron/Adam Silver Woke-a-palooza is the Hindenberg.

  3. Oh boy, demands? For a wanted Felon? Who fought with the Police? and then reached back into his car? In other news Medical examiner for George Floyd released his report today. Lethal level of fentanyl in his system. Basically said he overdosed and that’s why he couldn’t breath (the knee on the back of the neck was still close to criminal)

  4. I love being encouraged to educate myself by young athletes that have more than likely been pushed through the educational system because of their athletic abilities. I’m not sure that forcing the hand of the judicial system is a good response here, after all not all the facts have been brought to light. And lastly it seems they are outwardly choosing sides with the “remember to vote” line as if voting democratic will change the outcome of justice.

    • Exactly, just like Whitlock’s article yesterday the Dems are generally the ones who put the current criminal justice system into place. Bill Clinton and his cronies have made billions from for profit prisons. Yet these pawns think they are smart and using their power for “change”.

  5. Well, add MLS to the woke mob. Thanks Timbers, it was fun while it lasted. The statement released by the club was enough to ensure this season ticket holder is DONE. Glad to know it’s a clear cut case of racist police brutality Mr Paulson. Whew, that’s a relief.

  6. I have a better idea, rather than demand justice for a wanted criminal, how about ask questions of the police for how officers can be trained better or perhaps get the message out to the people who resist arrest to comply. Nothing bad ever happened to a person who complied with the requests of the law enforcement officer. This isn’t hard at all. How about condemning the looting and violence too. That’s not productive.

  7. We all know where this is heading. Police all over the country, including Milwaukee, will pull back, allowing crime and violence to escalate. Law-abiding citizens in the inner-cities (mostly black) will bear the brunt. That means more dead bodies on the streets of Milwaukee and elsewhere. That blood is on the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA and all the other race hustling hypocrites.

  8. As the NBA is now a left wing political organization, I will go beyond boycotting it. I will actively oppose it and work for its disbanding or shipping overseas.

  9. Good heavens…Not really sure where to begin…A wanted felon that us resisting arrest is shot…So, the natural response is for people outside of the community to burn shit up…And the NBA is going to support such actions is reprehensible….The LeBron SJW league is done…I will never watch another game…All hail China

  10. I think the entire NBA should cancel the rest of the season. Teams should refund the tv sponsors and networks showing their games, and MLB (or at least the Brewers should do the same). Same with the Detroit Lions. And players would obviously forfeit their salaries until their demands are met. This would be true sacrifice in the name of justice. Sitting out practices and games while still getting a check is not sacrifice. It’s called a paid vacation day. And Lebron James looks more like a Twitter Panther than a Black Panther .

  11. Apparently, playing a game for $millions on a court with the words, “Black Lives Matter,” wearing jerseys with SJW approved slogans, and dis’ing the Anthem doesn’t work.
    What’s Plan B?

    Imagine if some of the players, coaches, owners, Commissioners, did a ride along with Police Officers, to illuminate what’s out there in the real world, not what MSM would – and does – have these crybabies believing…
    It’s half the MSM’s fault and half their fault for believing all the BS.
    And ANTIFA/BLM are ready to set America aflame every day, as millions of white libtards in search of a life purpose fall for every tweet…

  12. Just want to applaud the initial story and all the comments above. Outkick VIPs get it, with smart, clear-thinking commentary, and put to shame the trolls of Twitter and other mob-run social media.

  13. So the bubble allows them to make demands? I have demands also. All players in the bubble must wear their mask! They must social distance just like everyone else. I know, I know… They are privileged athletes and as long as they stay in the bubble they can refuse to play and still get payed. That’s cool. Wish I could do that.

  14. Demand yeah right LOL okay how bout demand criminals quit acting like criminals and blacks quit murdering blacks and rioters quit rioting and looters quit looting these pompous fools are going to learn real quick life goes on quite nicely with out this clown show

  15. The NBA is popular, so I think some of the fans will come back. However, the NBA and MSESPN are trying to stir the pot. You need an effective police force, one that works with the community, and not a force that is constantly fighting with the community. Neither political party, the media, social media, or the players are going to provide any constructive suggestions that will improve the situation. It will escalate until there are shootings between BLM, Antifa, the police, and Right-Wing conspiracy theorists. Very sad.

  16. Where are the other athletes publically Pushing Back!?

    Where are the guys that love America, Respect the Police and Love the Fans that pay for their lifestyle?

    Old school dudes and new school dudes!?
    Hello!!! Somebody!!!

    Are all the ex and current pro athletes A – Holes!!!

  17. Ignorant Athletes: We demand the government do something!
    Interested and willing public: What do you suggest?
    Ignorant Athletes: Didn’t you hear us? Do SOMETHING!!!!!
    Interested and willing public: Could you be more specific?
    Ignorant Athletes: Well, accountability!!!!!
    Interested and willing public: We have laws that will hold the officer accountable if he is found by a court to have done something wrong
    Ignorant Athletes: You need to do that NOW!!!!!
    Interested and willing public: Its still being investigated, this is how the process works
    Ignorant Athletes: You aren’t LISTENING, DO SOMETHING!!!
    Interested and willing public: Ok, what do you suggest?
    Ignorant Athletes: Are you deaf?? SOMETHING like social justice reform
    Interested and willing public: What does that mean?
    Ignorant Athletes: UGH, why are making this so difficult. All we are asking is that you do SOMETHING and do it NOW!!!!
    Interested and willing public: Ok, what specific law could we pass to solve this problem?
    Ignorant Athletes: How about laws that make it illegal to shoot unarmed black men???
    Interested and willing public: There is already a law for that
    Ignorant Athletes: I don’t think you are listening. We are NOT playing until you do SOMETHING!!!!!
    Interested and willing public: Do you have a suggestion?
    Ignorant Athletes: We’ve given several!!! DO SOMETHING!!!!!
    Interested and willing public: I think we’re done here.

  18. When these athletes speak, it just confirms my doubt regarding their intellect.

    “Get out and vote” is a indirect attack on Trump and blaming him for these police shootings.

    All of these shootings are occurring in Democrat-controlled cities starting with the mayors, the city council members and the police chief who is appointed by the mayor, to all were voted into office by the same people who are constantly complaining.

    I never heard anyone of these loud mouthpieces direct any frustration at these Democrat Mayors and city councilmen.

    I don’t recall Obama ever being blamed for the high profiled police shootings of blackmen.

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