Milwaukee Bucks Boycott Today’s NBA Playoff Game Vs. Magic

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The Milwaukee Bucks were slated to tip off against the Orlando Magic shortly, and they have not yet taken the court. Multiple reports indicate they are seriously discussing boycotting the game:

Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted, “The Milwaukee Bucks still haven’t come out to the court for Game 6 with the Orlando Magic and there’s been some discussion within the Bucks about a boycott, sources tell Malika Andrews and me.” He added that NBA officials are outside their locker room.

Malika Andrews of ESPN has reported that the Magic, who were warming up on the floor, have left the court.

To eat a forfeit would be a fascinating gesture from the Bucks, who play about an hour away from Kenosha where Jacob Blake was shot by police on Sunday. The Bucks have a 3-1 lead on the Magic in the series.

The Celtics and Raptors have also reportedly been discussing a boycott of their Game 1 on Thursday.

UPDATE: Wojnarowski reports that the Bucks have decided to boycott today’s game. Given that the Magic left the court, it’s unclear whether it will be a forfeit.

This is a developing story. 

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. What would the players have wanted their loved one to do in the same situation if they were the police? It does look terrible but the man could have easily had a gun right on his car seat. He could have grabbed it and gunned down 2 or 3 police.

    They have no idea what he is going to do after he opens that car door.

    I still think it is sad that this young man is so dysfunctional that he would behave this way. I think he had been arrested and/or had a warrant out for his arrest so he must have known that what he was doing was extremely dangerous for everyone around him.

  2. Here is a thought experiment.

    1. You are being confronted by 3 police officers.
    2. They all have their guns drawn.
    3. You are sure you have done nothing wrong.
    4. What do you do?

    I would comply with everything they ask and wait to sort it out later. If I’m flagrantly mistreated I will go hire a lawyer after the fact.

  3. Please boycott the rest of the season & destroy what’s left of the NBA! Who needs an investigation to find out what really happened…the mob says guilty so let’s take our ball & go home! Please don’t ever come back!!

  4. How can they say with a straight face that he wasn’t resisting he fought with the police had a knife told the police he had a gun then went for it in his car didn’t try to get in the car but reached under his seat please

  5. I didn’t see them boycott and hear anything from them when Bernell Trammell, the black Trump supporter, was gunned down in front of his store in late July. These people are phonies. Go ahead and boycott. Maybe the franchises can all move to Communist China.

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