Zach Wilson’s Girlfriend Models Shiny ‘No. 2’ Necklace During Bahamas Couples Retreat

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Zach Wilson and new girlfriend Nicolette Dellanno are taking a page out of Aaron Rodgers’ handbook and relaaaaaaxing this summer.

The happy couple is laying low in the Bahamas this week ahead of next month’s training camp, with Dellanno letting any local fellas know exactly where her heart is with a shiny “No. 2” necklace.

Stay away, losers. This is Zach Wilson’s girl.

Zach Wilson and Nicolette Dellanno crush Bahamas

Zach Wilson may have lost his starting job on the field — allegedly! — but our man is still QB1 from the Bahamas.

Silver linings, I reckon.

The Jets’ backup QB (allegedly!!!) looks like he’s enjoying life down south, and why not? Him and Dellanno first hooked up last June — Happy Anniversary! — and its been bliss ever since … off the field, at least.

On the field, it wasn’t a great sophomore campaign for Zach Wilson. He was pretty awful most of the year when he was healthy, and then gave one of the worst pressers of all time after putting up exactly zero points in a loss to the Patriots.

Shockingly, Wilson then lost the locker room — and the starting job — only to gain it back when Mike White went down last January.

The Jets then signed Aaron Rodgers a few months ago, thus sending Zach Wilson back to the bench for good. That’s a July problem, though.

For now, Wilson and Dellanno don’t look too concerned with depth charts from the Bahamas.

Written by Zach Dean

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