Chargers Troll Zach Wilson With Mention Of ‘Single Cougars’ In Schedule Release Video

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Say what you want to about the Los Angeles Chargers and their incredible knack for underperforming. Their social media team did anything but underperform this week. They were firing on all cylinders, although they might have written a few checks their team can’t cash along the way.

Thursday was the NFL schedule release day. Prior to dropping a Top 5 worthy anime video to announce their schedule, they got things started with their “Our opponents as Pop-Tarts” Twitter thread. Nobody and no team in the league was safe from the Chargers social media team.

Chargers Troll Zach Wilson With Mention Of Cougars In Schedule Release Video
Chargers social media team poking fun at Lions (Image Credit: Chargers/Twitter)

They went after Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel, the Las Vegas Raiders and their fans, and even the Detroit Lions and their gambling scandal. Nothing was off limits, especially not the offseason scandals.

That includes the offseason scandal involved the now New York Jets backup quarterback Zach Wilson. He was trolled harder than anyone while the Chargers announced their Week 9 Monday night game against the Jets.

The Chargers took a shot at Rex Ryan, joked about Aaron Rodgers’ age, but nothing was more visible than the shot they took at Wilson. The accusations from last offseason that he hooked up with his mom’s best friend were dug back up and placed on a billboard.

The large “Times Square” billboard features a woman in a Wilson jersey with an arrow pointing at her and the text “Single cougars in your area.”

Zach Wilson Has To Be Thankful For Those Cougar Rumors

Given how hard Wilson’s stock has fallen in New York, the whole cougar thing is the least of his worries. The Chargers could have done a lot more damage by poking fun at his play.

He was already out as the team’s starting quarterback just 22 games into his career after being drafted in the first-round. That was before the Jets traded for Rodgers.

Wilson’s probably happy the other teams in the league still remember that he’s on the roster. Now he’ll spend the season holding the clipboard watching one of the best to ever play the position.

Written by Sean Joseph

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