Top 5 NFL Schedule Release Videos; Chargers, Titans Steal The Show

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NFL teams weren’t playing around with this year’s schedule release videos.

On the dot at 8 p.m. (EST), every NFL team dropped its schedule for the 2023-24 season. Some social media teams flexed serious creative muscle, while others fell short.

From A.I. chatrooms, Annie Agar, anime battles and man-on-the-street vids, Thursday’s collection of NFL schedule videos was cleverly funny and did its job of hyping up fans for next season.

Here are the five best videos:

Los Angeles Chargers

See it to believe it.

The Los Angeles Chargers’ social media team had to be on DMT making this 2023-24 schedule release video.

Chock full of NFL Easter Eggs, the Chargers managed to diss every opponent, in subtle or over-the-top fashion.

From Mike McDaniel smoking a Juul, Raiders’ QR code, to a gambling caution graphic for the Detroit Lions, the Chargers hit the nail on the head and will be crowned for the best schedule release video this year.

Chicago Bears

A parody of FX’s “The Bear” … nice! It’s gonna be a good year for Da Bears.

The show and schedule release video are both must-see TV.

Annie Agar makes an appearance … *heart eyes* … as well as WWE’s Seth Rollins.

Cleveland Browns

Brownie the Elf (their words, not mine) stomps the competition in a WWE-style, animated schedule release. WWE’s The Miz makes an appearance.

An early win — and hopefully not the last one — for the Browns this year.

Detroit Lions

The epitome of “they had us in the first half …”

The AI warning to start the video was a bit alarming considering all of the uncanny content we’ve seen from artificial intelligence on Twitter, TikTok, etc.

But a fictional Madden face-off between Dan Campbell, GM Brad Holmes and other Lions members with A.I.-dubbed voices allowed for surprisingly hilarious dialog.

Minnesota Vikings

Everyone can appreciate a good drone shot.

Flying through the Vikings’ facilities, Minnesota’s drone POV was one of the more cinematic schedule drops from Thursday.

Tennessee Titans

This is how you do release videos: Drop one for the masses, and one for the die-hard fans.

The Tennessee Titans released two vids for their schedule drop.

The best of the two was a man-on-the-street video in Nashville.

Oblivious (or drunk?) strangers on Broadway were asked if they could name the Titans opponents’ logos.

The guesses got very creative.

Then there’s the second video.

A one-shot take through a Nashville bar made for one of the best schedule release videos.

Imagine if the Copacabana scene from “Goodfellas” was shot inside Robert’s, flashing all of the charms of Music City’s party scene.

Special cameos from ex-Titans coach Jeff Fisher and country singer Keith Urban were included.

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