Annie Agar Embraces Inner Cowgirl, Savages Chicago Bears

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Annie Agar was in prime form over the weekend.

The popular internet personality and Bally Sports correspondent showed up and showed out at a Luke Combs concert at Soldier Field in Chicago.

She had a big black cowboy hat on like she just walked off the Dutton ranch after a long day of negotiating deals and dealing with bad guys.

Well, it turns out she’s also got a little Beth in her because she absolutely savaged the Bears with her caption.

She captioned the post, ” had to wait till the off season to finally see a good performance at soldier field.” I believe that’s what the kids call a kill shot.

Annie Agar destroys the Chicago Bears.

Agar was at Soldier Field to enjoy Luke Combs rocking out. It’s a simple enough move. The weekend rolled around and she decided she wanted to enjoy some solid country music.

However, she also woke up with the intent to snatch some souls, and that’s exactly what she did. The Bears are busy trying to provide Justin Fields some weapons.

They’re not out here taking shots at people. Doesn’t matter to Annie Agar. She cut it loose with one of the best roasts of the year.

Annie Agar goes viral for roasting the Chicago Bears. She shared photos of herself attending a Luke Combs concert in Chicago at Soldier Field. (Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

Agar continues to be a content weapon.

Outside of the fact Agar ended Chicago’s 2023 season before it even started (pour one out for all the fans), she also continues to be a machine in the content game.

One day, she’s out on the internet streets destroying Tyreek Hill, the next the Chicago Bears and she still finds time to look like she’ll be a star of the upcoming “Yellowstone” sequel.

Don’t lie to yourself. You can definitely see her as a member of the bunkhouse crew.

Annie Agar continues to impress, and if you’re not already a fan (she’s among OutKick’s favorites), you will be soon enough.

Written by David Hookstead

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