Warren Moon Implies Racism Was Motive Behind Kyler Murray’s ‘Homework Clause,’ Media Continues To Push The Idea

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The Arizona Cardinals adding and later removing a ‘homework clause’ in Kyler Murray’s contract was rooted in racism. It had nothing to do with the franchise paying him nearly a quarter of a billion dollars simply wanting him to prepare and perform at the highest level possible.

That’s what some people believe, at least, and they want you to believe the same.

A countless number of columns have been written calling the Cardinals and their contract addendum racist. All the backlash they received ultimately forced them to remove the ‘homework clause’ altogether, but even after its removal, the racism discussion has only picked up more steam in certain media circles.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon is the latest to add more fuel to the fire. Speaking with TMZ, Moon implied that racism was the motive behind Arizona inserting the ‘homework clause’ in Murray’s contract.

“It’s a slap in the face for all African- American quarterbacks,” Moon explained.

“It’s something we were always accused of back in the day when they didn’t let us play. Saying we were lazy, that we didn’t study, that we couldn’t be leaders, that we weren’t smart. So all of those different things just kind of came to surface after we put all that stuff to bed over the years. So yeah, very embarrassing.”

After the TMZ reporter accomplished their goal of getting a ‘this is racist’ soundbite from Moon, they leaned into even more by stating “I thought we had moved past these stereotypes” before asking “has this done damage to the black quarterback?”

In terms of annual salary, Murray is the second-highest paid player in the entire NFL only behind back-to-back MVP winner Aaron Rodgers. Deshaun Watson is third on that list while Mahomes is fourth.


The Cardinals asking their quarterback, their employee, to have four hours of undistracted film study per week isn’t racist. Adding that clause in the contract has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

Maybe, just maybe, Murray doesn’t consistently put in the hours he should in the film room so the clause had an actual purpose behind it. That narrative doesn’t fit the left-wing sports media, however, it wants you to focus on the color of Murray’s skin and absolutely nothing else.

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  1. The NFL could restrict “white players” to being deep snappers and FG Kickers and cries of “RACISM” would still be screed 24/7 …. too many are permanently invested in “The Racism Business” including dimwitted sports media to ever let it go.

  2. Funny how they all for get that Murray said, “I think I was blessed with the cognitive skills to just go out there and just see it before it happens,” Murray said. “I’m not one of those guys that’s going to sit there and kill myself watching film. I don’t sit there for 24 hours and break down this team and that team and watch every game because, in my head, I see so much.”.


  3. One of the thirty two best quarterbacks in the world if he is a starter in the NFL. Is it embarrassing to the black athletes that the people making a business decision felt like they had to insist on four hours of film study per week? If the number had been sixteen hours a week would there be more outrage or less?

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