There’s A Very Suspect Addendum In Kyler Murray’s Contract That Requires Him To Watch Film For A Certain Amount Of Time

After an offseason full of drama, the Arizona Cardinals were able to sign Kyler Murray to a new five-year deal worth $230.5 million. Murray is now the second-highest paid player in NFL history in terms of average annual salary with his new average salary being $46.1 million.

With the Cardinals paying him all that money they obviously expect a lot out of their former first-overall pick. Not only are they expecting Murray to perform on the field, they want him to put in a specific amount of time in the film room during game weeks as well.


In fact, Arizona put such an emphasis on film study that it added an addendum to Murray’s contract requiring him to participate in four hours of “independent study” every game week.

The Cardinals are serious about this too, seeing as how the addendum has four different points explaining what “independent study” actually is. They even made note that the hours don’t count if Murray is “watching television, playing video games or browsing the internet” while studying film and other gameday materials.

Having to add an independent study addendum to a player’s contract that you just signed to a near quarter-billion-dollar contract is both suspect and concerning. If you’re a Cardinals fan seeing this there’s no way you aren’t nervous about your team paying a guy $46 million a year who had to be told, in writing, to study film.

Exactly three minutes after tweeting about the addendum in Murray’s new contract, Rapoport was sure to let the world know that the QB already did four hours of game studying of his own.

I guess we’re just supposed to take Rapoport’s word for it and definitely not speculate about how Murray’s agent may have sent him a harshly worded message to promote how great his client is at studying.

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Seems like AZ is just as dumb as Cleveland paying this guy who has won absolutely nothing in fact past two years faded toward end of season and embarrassing one and done loss in playoffs plus has been injured as these running types tend to be just amazing

  2. I like Kyler Murray. For a man his size to do what he does is amazing. That being said, overpaying for one player like this is rarely if ever successful. He isn’t that good that he can carry the entire organization. Meh, its the Cardinals.

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