Viral Ravens Lap-Dancer Identified, ‘Masters Girl’ Is Officially A Millionaire & Argentina’s New President Is A Pistol

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Congrats, we’ve made it to arguably the greatest week of the calendar year. That’s right, you heard me — and you’ll hear me out here in a bit.

Welcome to a Monday edition of Nightcaps — where yours truly is coming to you straight from I-75 north on a Thanksgiving Monday. How dumb am I? The good news is, I should be passing through Atlanta around rush hour here in a bit, so surely we’ll breeze right on through!

I make this damn Turkey Day trip every single year, and let me tell you, it never gets any less miserable. Doing it with a toddler has made it more enjoyable at least.

OK, let’s get going because I’ve got some traffic jams to sit through.

We’re gonna check in with Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto today, because it’s been a minute. The viral Texas Tech cheerleader is back in the news with a BANG. Let’s go.

I can’t get enough of this viral Ravens lap-dancer, either. Sean Jo shockingly covered it like the OJ trial over the weekend, but I feel like she’s Nightcaps material and we leave no stone unturned around here.

Speaking of … ya’ll seen Argentina’s new president? Love this guy. He’s gonna be a star on the global stage.

We also have semis in a Florida river, sex-crazed prison guards in Belgium and another viral live stream from an NFL locker room.

What a menu!

Settle in for a road tripping edition of Nightcaps!

Masters Girl Aaliyah Kikumoto checks back in

First road trip update? Just passed a sign that we’re approaching a place called Weirdsdale in 18 miles. God I love this country.

And so does Texas Tech cheerleader Aaliyah Kikumoto — the viral Masters Girl who stole our hearts back in April.

It’s been a while since we checked in with Aaliyah — I’m talking Fourth of July — but a quick check of her Instagram showed me it wasn’t her, it was us, because she’s been on a roll lately.

For starters, the Red Raider football program has been on a heater this month. They’ve rattled off three straight, including a massive comeback against UCF last week, and they’re set for a showdown with No. 7 Texas this week.

On top of that, she’s also recently been revealed as the country’s newest $1 million girl, and her face is plastered all over magazines at stands across the US of A.

Oh, you think the Masters Girl is done? Nope. Not yet. Buckle up for this one …

Our girl Aaliyah Kikumoto will be performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this week … with her MOM — the ex-Denver Nuggets cheerleader.

Those two studs, along with a couple more Texas Tech dancers, will be front and center on the Louisiana-themed parade float featuring country singer Alex Smith (also a great QB!).

What a time to be alive. That, boys and girls, is how you capitalize on stardom.

What a weekend for NFL content

From something called

Featured on this float will be the eight selected Pom Squad members, as well as four moms of current dancers and several Pom alumni.

Aaliyah Kikumoto, a sophomore business marketing major from Denver, Colorado, will dance with her mom, a former Denver Nuggets Dancer, Thanksgiving morning.

“I’m very excited, actually,” Kikumoto said. “I feel like I never really got to, like, dance with my mom, and so this is just such a perfect opportunity.”

Incredible. What a story for our Masters Girl. The American Dream in action, folks. It’s still possible, even in Biden’s America.

Now, let’s get to the best from this NFL weekend. A ton of options out there, so let’s pick a couple gems:

I’m all in on the Ravens lap dancer

So much to digest there …

Brandon Staley is TOAST in LA. Not even sure he makes it to Christmas at this point. That team is broken.

So are the Jets. Take your time, Aaron.

Phillip Rivers and pulling out are about as compatible as oil and water.

Bum ass boys!

The weekly Magic tweets are the best thing going right now. Trust me.

Now, none of that came even close to what we got Thursday with the viral Ravens lap-dancer. She became a star during the game when she was caught giving Colin Cowherd some old dude a lap dance, and the internet quickly ID’d her as one Madison Walker.

Anyway, since then, our girl — also on OnlyFans, shockingly — has seen her Instagram following EXPLODE in a way I can’t truly remember.

Last Thursday, when OutKick first wrote about her she had around 18k followers. As I sit here right now in Weirdsdale, she’s currently over 55k.

Another meteoric rise through the ranks for an influencer in 2023. We’re truly living in unprecedented times right now. First Aaliyah Kikumoto and now Madison.

They don’t call it the Land of Opportunity for nothing, you know.

Argentina’s new president, semi boats & sex-crazed prisons

Welcome to Nightcaps, Madison! Welcome to the world.

OK, rapid-fire time because I see an awful lot of red tail lights coming up.

Anyone see who the newest man in charge of Argentina is? I don’t know anything about politics and I prefer to keep it that way, so if this dude is bad news bears you’ll have to excuse me.

But beyond that, I am ALL IN on Javier Milei!

The NY Times called this a victory for the “far right” and the Guardian said this cat is “Argentina’s Trump,” so I assume this guy is an OutKick fan. He’s also nicked “The Madman.”


Welcome to Nightcaps, Mr. President!

Let’s now go from Argentina to Belgium as we continue our Monday road tip:

Belgium’s largest prison is reeling from a wild sex scandal that accused guards and staffers of organizing jacuzzi orgy parties and trading colorful bracelets to determine their sex partners.

Ten guards and staffers at the Lantin Prison, located near the city of Liège, have come under fire for allegedly hosting sex parties after work and even having intercourse with each other during their shifts at the prison. One of the staffers was even described as a “nymphomaniac” who would allegedly demand sex from co-workers at work. 

The employees allegedly held orgies after work hours, most frequently in a jacuzzi owned by a male guard only identified as “P.” During the parties, the staffers would allegedly determine which employee they would sleep with by drawing a colorful bracelet at random.

The employee described as a “nymphomaniac” was only identified as “S” and reportedly demanded sex from colleagues in order to do her job, according to an anonymous source who spoke to the outlet.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term “PS” doesn’t it? Belgium sounds like a good time, though. Only other place I’d imagine can pull something like that off would be the great, big, beautiful, free state of Florida:

Take us home, Heidi Klum!

I can’t believe I’m leaving this perfect state for Thanksgiving to go to a BLUE one! What a dummy. We really are the best down here.

OK, that’s all for today. I’ve got traffic to navigate and two hours of Ms. Rachel to listen to.

If you know, you know.

At least I have the best week of the year staring me in the face when I hopefully make it through this. Oh yeah, about that …

I think this below tweet sums it up pretty perfectly.

Now, let’s go have a week, just like Heidi.

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