TikTok ‘Love Rat’ Who Allegedly Lured In Cheating NBA Player Breaks Down Her Process

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A TikTok private investigator who refers to herself as the “Love Rat” has turned her side-hustle of luring cheating guys into a thirst trap into a full-time job. Madeline Smith has become a household name for girlfriends and wives across the country who suspect that their man is cheating on them, charging a $30 base price to catch him in the act.

Smith, 30, says she initially was inspired by the show ‘Cheaters,’ and has busted over 1,000 men who she makes initial contact with over social media to see if they will fall into her “honey trap.”

“There are so many types of guys, and I know exactly how to play each one – smart guys, dumb guys, suspicious guys,” Smith told South West News Service.

“I feel so much of it is intuitive,” she added. “I can look at a profile and immediately know (a guy’s) personality.”

The Love Rat.
Madeline Smith is TikTok’s most famous investigator. (Courtesy Madeline Smith / SWNS)

Madeline Smith, AKA the TikTok Love Rat, takes aim at cheating NBA player

Smith said she first got the idea in 2018 when other women would message her asking her to message their man. That’s what Smith came up with what she calls, “The Loyalty Test.”

“With all the experience I’ve had over the years, I decided to come up with a game plan and system,” she said. “It could take five minutes to get through to them – or two days.

“I see if they take the bait, and then I will tell the girl and see what they want. For some, just replying is enough to prove their infidelity.”

Sometimes, though, some nuts are a little harder to crack for Smith, who admits to occasionally sending a racy snap or two to try and hook the fish.

Seems like a little bit of a ‘leading question’ type situation, but I – a married man – am NOT here to offer any sort of opinion on this story. I’m just reporting what I know.

Madeline Smith.
Madeline Smith allegedly lured in a cheating NBA player earlier this year. (Courtesy Madeline Smith / SWNS)

Anyway, women who usually contact Smith don’t have any real concrete evidence that they’re being cheated on, just a “gut feeling.”

The Love Rat estimates that 80% of the men she is asked to investigate have cheated before, and says Snapchat, iPhone passcodes and insecurity are the three biggest signs to watch for.

If you remember, she allegedly lured in an unnamed NBA player earlier this year in a now VIRAL TikTok.

Wild stuff. Seems pretty straightforward if you ask me, but it’s a ruthless business.

“She know things different when I’m on the road … Be chill,” is quite the line here, too.

“It could be he cheated on her in the first six months, and he won’t let the girl see his phone,” Smith continued this week. “And there are always Snapchat notifications – it’s always Snapchat.”

While there are a couple odds birds who ARE actually loyal and pass the test, more times than not, Smith said, her investigation winds up something like this …

“One client’s husband spent so much money on hookers and hotels and racked up debt on a credit card with cam girls,” Smith said. “She asked me to help prove he was still doing it, so she could take half the money back.”

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