Things Get Personal In Fiery Twitter War Between 49ers Lineman, Giants Rookie

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The social media machine was HUMMING in the wake of both NFL championship games Sunday, and San Francisco 49ers lineman Joe Staley was NOT having the nonsense. The 38-year-old took aim at youngster Kayvon Thibodeaux when the Giants rookie fired off a tweet during the Eagles’ drubbing of the 49ers Sunday afternoon.

“Way this game look we might be better than the 49ers,” Thibodeaux said before then including the ill-fated laughing-face emoji … three times!

Anyway, after taking some time to decompress from a pretty brutal few hours at The Linc, Staley fired back at Thibodeaux by basically telling him he STINKS and needs to watch his damn mouth!

“Ur a flash player who gets bodied by average tackles,” Staley responded. “Don’t let the New York media affect you too much.”

Joe Staley fires back at Kayvon Thibodeaux after 49ers jab.
Kayvon Thibodeaux wants all the smoke from Joe Staley, 49ers. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

Joe Staley, Kayvon Thibodeaux get into Twitter war after 49ers loss

Okeedokee then! Bold move going after a six-time Pro Bowler who was also a member of the NFL’s 2010 All-Decade team, but Kayvon Thibodeaux does whatever the hell he wants.

And he wasn’t done, either!

My God. This, by the way, is becoming a pretty clear MO with Kayvon’s responses.

If you recall, he also asked who Jeff Saturday was last month after the Colts’ interim coach lashed out at him for the snow angel celebration next to a lifeless Nick Foles.

“I don’t know who he is,” Thibodeaux said when asked about Saturday essentially calling him “trash” after the ill-timed celebration.

“I’m not really too concerned about people who comment on me and I don’t know them.”

Staley responded Sunday night by laying down the hammer … maybe? I don’t know. You guys be the judge here.

So, who wins? It’s a tough call for me, personally. I always love the petty “who are you?” line in any argument. It’s always a crowd-pleaser for me.

That being said, “That’s huge. Unbelievable numbers” is a pretty good comeback, too.

Staley’s made half a dozen Pro Bowls, including five straight from 2011-15, so I’m gonna have some respect here and give the slight edge to the elder statesman.

Kayvon is coming, though.

Written by Zach Dean

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