The State of Nebraska Just Declared War on the Big Ten

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The Big Ten finds itself in numerous legal entanglements related to its decision to postpone the Fall football season. Eight Nebraska football players sued the conference, which compelled the Big Ten to reveal its 11-3 vote of university chancellors and presidents. A judge has given the Big Ten until September 12th to provide more documents in that case. Lee Chatfield, the Speaker of the House in Michigan, wrote a letter to the Big Ten asking it to reconsider their decision. It was co-signed by politicians from Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ohio. Ohio’s attorney general has said Ohio State could sue the conference.

Now, Nebraska’s attorney general Douglas J. Peterson wrote a very ominous letter to Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren. Peterson stated that the conference does not appear to have the proper registration to operate as a non-profit in Nebraska, asked the Big Ten to either prove that it is registered or explain why it is not, and requested documents of the bylaws and for evidence that the bylaws were followed in postponing the season. The letter also asks for documentation of all of the medical information that the Big Ten relied upon in making its decision. The attorney general says that the Big Ten must provide this information no later than September 21st.

Here is the full letter:

The Big Ten has a mountain of issues on its hands. Hopefully, the optimism that the conference can resume play in October winds up prevailing.


Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. I’m proud of my state for pushing transparency any way they can. I doubt there will be a season. But I’m wondering if the BIG 10 will even look the same this time next year. Setting the stage to split? Sounds crazy, but it’s been a crazy year.

  2. Wow! Big Ten has signed it’s own death warrant. If they don’t figure this out soon and reconsider playing, hindsight will prove that cancelling the 2020 Football season was the beginning of their ultimate demise.
    Nebraska is my new favorite FBS program!

  3. If these programs really want to shake things up, they should have their lawyers and lawmakers find a way to leave the Big Ten…
    Why would they want to remain in a conference that would prohibit playing sports for political reasons? If the Big Ten does revote to play, what about the next time someone in power wants to use their program for the sake of politics? If the Big Ten was truly concerned about the health risks of the players, they would leave the decision to play with individual programs to make that decision. Nebraska, Ohio State, and Iowa could have put a schedule together with enough notice from the conference dictators.

  4. Shaming the Big10 may hurt them in the long run, but these lawsuits so far seem like a slow roll and not an urgent effort to play sports.

    The Big10 main schools are hyper liberal oligarchy type operations with mega powerful alumni in major media. And they all hate Trump. A lefty like Rich Eiesen of NFL network would never speak up about his alma mater not playing, because he hates Trump. And he is a low tier alumni of Michigan.

    If the Big10 decides to play, but creates their own schedule that begins late in the fall, the same damage to college sports and fans and the economy (and Trump) occurs. And there is no science behind starting later than Today.

    It’s all politics.

  5. this worm can is all just to combat the original truth that this topic is political; the center of it is Trump derangement syndrome, and is not based on science or data…there is probably an underground series of checks and handshakes that are untraceable that determined this whole thing… US politics is ruining everything quickly institution by institution…

  6. Thank you for the update! There needs to be some reason from all of this nonsense. The pac12 can do what ever they want to do now. Sorry Petros! Big 10/12 or however many teams are in the conference now has to explain. It is just so hard to find any reason other than politics. After this weekend has college football and NFL in “Big 10” states

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