Ohio Attorney General Believes Ohio State Can Sue Big Ten

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Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is on record telling the Columbus Dispatch that Ohio State University has an “excellent contract claim for several tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue” and believes the school can file a lawsuit against the Big Ten seeking monetary damages for the cancellation of the football season.

Yost believes Ohio State could go after “tens of millions of dollars in lost revenues” via a lawsuit that the AG says he’d recommend moving forward with if another round of fall football negotiations don’t resolve the issue.

Lawyers have been ordered by Yost to “put together a case, so if negotiations break down and the season is canceled, we are prepared to make a presentation to the board (of trustees) and the administration.”

Big Ten presidents and chancellors voted 11-3 to cancel fall football and have yet to have a re-vote. October 10 was pegged as a date when the conference would look to return to the field, if presidents and chancellors passed a re-vote.



Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Thank you Joe! I find it very hard to believe that other schools won’t follow in Ohio States footsteps. I keep hearing that schools in the big 10 can take the financial hit… But can they really??

  2. If the University Board allows them to proceed, then this would set a precedent for the whole country to go litigation crazy. There wouldn’t be enough lawyers…Clay would have to take a leave of absence from OUTKICK !!!
    (imho, can’t see that being allowed to happen)

    • What’s the alternative? Go into the street and protest? We all know what that accomplishes. If it takes legal battles to protest peacefully that would be better than what is going on in the country. And in case you haven’t noticed this country is already litigation crazy. Pick your battles with the court. Most are dismissed before they are even heard. The pizzeria hot dog guy is not in the business of higher education and giving scholarships for exceptional athletes to play sports and get an education. The young students and student athletes need the opportunity to showcase their skills. Without money from game attendance or TV money, where do these young adults get their athletic scholarships?

      • Trying to say here that the threat of litigation should be enough – without any plaintiffs filing anything – for the powers that be to sit down and work it out…fast. If there were “talks” going on, with the current pressure from many sides, then it probably would get worked out.
        I did notice we have a lot of litigation all over, been happening for a long time, I’m told.
        If the Ohio Attorney General thinks they have a good case, I’m gonna lean toward his opinion as opposed to you saying most cases would be dismissed; won’t even be heard (not sure which cases you refer to).
        Class actions would piggy back on this litigation and junior attorneys with clipboards would have no problem signing up clients for no money down and just a name and an address.
        The Big 10 has covid on their side…and the Dems control academia. “The young student athletes need to showcase their skills” argument won’t top a national health crisis that the media pushes and schools are using to shut down operations.
        These schools have huge endowments and reserves that could easily be used to fund athletics during this “once in a lifetime” health crisis.

  3. All smoke. The threat of a lawsuit needs to be as extreme as the lawsuit itself.

    Breach of contract? Negligence? Tortuous Interference?

    These schools have agreed to be governed by the conference. If there is a breach of contract, where is it?

    Loss of revenue is not enough of a reason to sue, until real damage is done.

    Another weak late lawsuit (idea).

    Keep searching Joe 😇

  4. University Presidents, Governors and Commissioners; you have not taken your decision to SHUT DOWN FOOTBALL based on statistics that demonstrate the virus is collapsing, athletes want to play, parents of players want them to play, fans want them to play so why are you reluctant to revote to play due to your having to admit you made a massive miscalculation based on politics rather than truth and facts. Humble yourself and OPEN UP YOUR PROGRAMS THIS FALL! Dr. Greg Fitch, Ph.D.

  5. The Party of Science says Corona is an existential threat even though the average age of death from Corona is older than the average age of death from all causes, and we can’t play sports or vote in person but can buy tobacco, go to liquor stores, dollar stores and Costco.

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