Teacher Sarah Juree Gives OnlyFans Subscribers Report Card To ‘Rate Their Manhood’

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An OnlyFans model who used to be a fifth grade teacher is breaking the red marker out of retirement at her new job. Sarah Seals, known in the OnlyFans community as Sarah Juree, told Business Insider Sunday that she’s already made a small fortune by playing “into the teacher fantasy that many of my fans seem to have,” and rating men’s junk.

What a time to be alive.

“I do this by offering exclusive report cards where I rate their manhood and give ‘Miss Sarah’ stickers to loyal fans,” said Juree, a 41-year-old ex-teacher from Indiana.

OnlyFans model Sarah Juree rates subscribers' manhood.
OnlyFans model Sarah Juree.

OnlyFans model Sarah Juree fired after 20 years of teaching

Sarah Juree is just the latest former teacher to turn to OnlyFans to give her some much-needed financial freedom. She was fired from her day-job at Starbase science academy in South Bend last summer after officials found out she was posing nude on the subscription site.

Apparently that’s a no-no. Who knew?

Turns out, though, getting the axe was the best thing to happen. Seales/Juree says she made $17,000 during her first month as an OnlyFans model and made a whopping $58,000 over six months.

For those math nerds out there, that’s $7,000 more than her entire teacher’s salary. Good thing, too, because she’s constantly in the market now for some new underwear.

“I primarily sell nude photos and explicit videos behind a paywall as well as video chats,” Juree said. “I sell my panties, too.”

The OnlyFans model added that she first tried out the X-rated site last summer while on vacation, and was outed within days. No biggie, though, because she’s since raked in so much money it’ll make your head spin.

Sarah Juree OnlyFans teacher.
OnlyFans has been good to Sarah Juree.

“The most I’ve made in a month is $17,000, which happened right after I got fired. Since I was laid off, I’ve made a total of $75,000,” she added.

Still, it ain’t all ham and eggs spending your days grading penises and shipping panties.

“After taking my kids to school, I spend most of my day responding to messages from fans, shooting and editing content and posting on the platform about four times a day,” she said. “I make it all and do all the admin work myself to keep costs to a minimum, including answering fans’ messages.

“Being an OnlyFans model has largely been a positive experience, but I got dragged by a lot of Internet trolls who tried to humiliate and body-shame me after I was fired.”

Hater’s gonna hate, Sarah. Keep doing you.

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