OnlyFans Model Finds Out Her Mom’s New Boyfriend Is One Of Her Best Paying Subscribers

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Being an OnlyFans model isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Sure the money can be nice, but there are times when life on the platform and in the real world collide. Things can get uncomfortable when that happens.

It’s one thing to shoot content in the bathroom of a soccer game. You’re begging for trouble doing that kind of stuff. Getting your horse kicked out of a high end stable because other horse enthusiasts discover how you make money is a different story.

So is finding out that one of your subscribers is now dating your mother. These are the kinds of situations outside of the world of OnlyFans that you don’t ask for.

OnlyFans Model Finds Out Her Mom's New Boyfriend Is One Of Her Best Paying Subscribers
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An OnlyFans model, who is only identified as a 28-year-old named Sophia, had her two worlds meet in an extremely awkward way. When she met her mom’s new boyfriend, he turned out to be one of her best paying subscribers.

Sophia called in to Australia’s biggest radio show, The Kyle & Jackie O Show, to ask for advice and spill the details on the meeting.

She says makes about $6,000 a month on OnlyFans. Her mother and a handful of friends know that she’s on the site. Other than those closest to her, and a few hundred subscribers, her extracurricular activities are kept on the down low.

For the most part Sophia shares topless pictures. Although, she does offer extras for extra pay and this is where the trouble comes in.

Mom’s New Boyfriend Is An “Extra For Extra” Kind Of Guy

Her mother’s new boyfriend isn’t just your run of the mill subscriber. This guy is someone who goes the extra mile.

According to Sophia, she wouldn’t have a problem telling her mom her new boyfriend is one of her subscribers. Her issue is trying to explain that he spent $500 to see more explicit material and the explicit exchanges they had.

Complicating matters further is the fact that Sophia’s mom doesn’t know that she offers up extras.

“He has not just seen topless shots, he has seen a lot more than that,” she said. “We sent photos back and forth, he has seen videos of me touching myself.”

Sophia said her mother and her mother’s new boyfriend met at the gym, but something about the face-to-face meeting with her mom’s new love left her feeling uneasy about the relationship.

“He looked sheepish (when we met) and that is what creeped me out the most,” she added.

Honesty Is The Best Policy, Even If Mom’s Going To Find Out Your Naughty Secret

Is it just a coincidence that one of Sophia’s subscribers just happened to end up with her mom? Is the guy a stalker? Did he plan it all out? These are kinds of things that Sophia was left thinking about after the bizarre encounter.

The guy, according to Sophia, has deleted all of the pictures he sent her on OnlyFans. But he’s still shelling out the $20 a month it costs to subscribe to her account.

The point of the call was to get some advice on whether or not Sophia should let her mom know that her new boyfriend is a subscriber of her content. The hosts agreed that she should tell her mom.

I only see two ways to handle this situation. She either tells her mom or she never talks to her again. That’s it. There’s way too much that can go wrong if she says nothing.

Her mom might miss out on love and Sophia might lose a big spending subscriber, but you don’t want it coming out after he’s officially stepdad.

Written by Sean Joseph

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