OnlyFans Model’s Horse Kicked Out Of High End Stable After They Discovered What She Does For A Living

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It turns out that some folks running high end horse stables in England are a little uptight. That was one rider’s experience when she was informed on New Year’s Eve that she had just a few days to find new stables for her horse.

Honour Spencer revealed that the Marbury Equestrian Centre in Cheshire gave her 10 days to find a new home for her horse Cherry. The 27-year-old says she was asked to leave after it was discovered that she works as an OnlyFans model.

OnlyFans Honour Spencer Porn Star Honour May
OnlyFans model has horse kicked of a stable (Image Credit: Honour Spencer/Instagram)

According to Honour, who makes more than $6,000 a month from her exclusive content, a stable worker sent her the message. The message reads, “You are a lovely person.”

“However, unfortunately, we are not comfortable with the industry that you work in, which has been brought to my attention, and the different various people you have brought to the yard.”

Obviously Honour wasn’t happy about this development. She felt that she was being discriminated against all because of her job.

In the end, she was able to find a new stable. One willing to accept her money and house her horse.

Apparently the new stable isn’t afraid of her OnlyFans content, or that it will somehow spill over into the stable, or whatever the other stable had an issue with.

There’s A Little More To Honour Spencer’s Story

While OnlyFans models being kicked out of this, or fired from that, has become a regular occurrence, something wasn’t adding up here. It was clear why that was after doing some in-depth “research” on Honour’s Instagram page.

It turns out that she’s also known by the name Honour May. Who is Honour May? And why was her OnlyFans claim not adding up? Well, Honour May is also a porn star. A porn star with almost a decade under her belt in the industry.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think being a porn star should disqualify you from having access to a stable for your horse. Assuming, of course, she wasn’t making content with any horses.

Which does not appear to be what happened here. But there is a little more to the story than simply an OnlyFans model getting kicked out of a stable.

Written by Sean Joseph

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