OnlyFans Model Claims She Was Kicked Out Of Beachside Bar For Wearing A Bikini

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An OnlyFans model taking a mental health day in Australia revealed that she was kicked out of a beachside bar for wearing a bikini. She said she was asked to cover up after a failed attempt to use a footwear policy as an excuse to give her the boot.

Naomi Tibbles shared a video on social media ranting about the entire situation. The video is captioned on one of her platforms, “Absolutely not sorry for this one. Half way through my cocktail before I get told in front of the whole damn establishment?!”

“Just rude and embarrassing and gross.”

OnlyFans Model Naomi Tibbles
OnlyFans model claims to she was kicked out of a beachside bar for wearing a bikini (Image Credit: Naomi Tibbles/TikTok)

The “Sensual Goddess” as she’s known to her OnlyFans subscribers apparently violated the bar’s dress code. Security guards initially explained that thongs, aka flip-flops, were not allowed in the “family establishment.”

It turns out that the fine establishment, located next to the beach, doesn’t allow its customers to wear beach attire. That’s Naomi’s story anyway.

She says about her experience, “I’m there for about 15-20 minutes before security came up and had a talk to me.”

The talk took place after she noticed some of the security guards talking about her. She was confused by the situation until they revealed why they were so interested in her.

“Turns out he wants to have a talk about what I’m wearing,” she explains. “The first thing the security guard says to me is like, ‘we have a dress code here.'”

This is when security brings up the fact that flip-flops aren’t allowed. After pointing out that she was actually wearing sandals, they ask her if she had anything to cover up with.

There Might Be More To This Story Than Ms. Naomi Tibbles Is Revealing

Naomi shows off the outfit she had on at the time. It seems like a normal day at the beach outfit. She also reveals that there was a sex toy in her bag. then pulls that out to show it off as well and admits had they seen that then she should be kicked out.

I’m no rocket scientist, and I wasn’t there at the time of the incident, but my guess is that someone caught a glimpse of the sex toy. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

They’re not setup on the beach kicking people out for flip-flops. The certainly welcome folks in beach attire at the beachside bar. They were trying to kick her out without drawing attention to the sex toy.

Naomi knows what happened here. She wanted to fake outrage then reveal the real reason she was kicked out. It’s a master move in bait and switch on her part.

She deserves some credit for pulling people in looking to be outraged. Although, she didn’t have to try all that hard. Getting attention is something that comes naturally to her.

Written by Sean Joseph

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