OnlyFans Models Show Support For Olivia Dunne’s Latest LSU Gymnastics Content

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Olivia Dunne is an absolute content machine. The LSU gymnast has turned that content into a larger than life brand that has earned her a ton of money through NIL deals.

When she even thinks about content headlines are made. Being at the top of the NIL food chain means a lot of eyeballs are on your every move. So, it goes without saying that when Dunne’s massive TikTok account appeared to have been hit with a ban earlier this week people took note.

Olivia Dunne OnlyFans Models
Olivia Dunne of LSU takes a ‘selfie’ with fans after a PAC-12 meet (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

No reason was ever given for why her account was suddenly down, but Dunne appeared to confirm a ban of some kind with a retweet. Needless to say, when she was back up and running, and making content her efforts collected millions of views.

Dunne’s fans aren’t the only ones keeping an eye on her every move. Other content creators keep tabs and even show up in the comment section from time to time.

Those content creators include OnlyFans models. A couple of which took note of her latest LSU gymnastics content over on Instagram.

Dunne’s friend, influencer and OnlyFans model Katie Sigmond, commented on the pictures of her posing in her LSU leotard. She said, “great day for a livvy post.”

Noelle Leyva, another content creator with a successful OnlyFans page, also weighed in on the post. Dunne also follows her on Instagram, which suggest they know each other.

Leyva said, “always stunning!!!”

Game Recognizes Game And That Goes For Influencers And OnlyFans Models Alike

Dunne makes huge amounts of money with her massive following. Most of the comments and interactions with her following are, like these ones, on the positive side.

But that doesn’t mean Dunne isn’t faced with challenges from being such a huge social media star. She has plenty of haters. Some of which are in the media and don’t like the type of content she is creating.

Luckily, for her brand, and for her following, she isn’t fazed by those stale opinions. Dunne’s still out making fun content and she isn’t here for those raining on her parade. Both her following and fellow content creators thank her for that.

Written by Sean Joseph

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