Influencer Who Faced Charges For Hitting A Golf Ball Into Grand Canyon Resolves Case By Paying Fines

Social media influencer Katie Sigmond made some headlines back in October for a very stupid reason. The 20-year-old shared a video with her followers that showed her hitting a golf ball into the Grand Canyon. As she does so the golf club breaks and also flies over the side of the cliff she was standing next to.

Following the incident, the Grand Canyon National Park took to Facebook saying that they were able to identify Sigmond and that she was facing charges. The park wrote at the time, “Members of the public helped identify the individual’s social media account.”

Social media influencer Katie Sigmond
Social media influencer hitting some golf balls (Image Credit: Katie Sigmond)

“On October 27, Grand Canyon Law Enforcement identified, located and contacted the individual responsible for the incident.

“Charges and a court appearance for the individual are pending,” the Facebook post continued. “Throwing objects over the rim of the canyon is not only illegal but can also endanger hikers and wildlife who may be below.”

The charges Sigmond faced were for tossing items into the Grand Canyon, littering, and creating hazardous conditions with disorderly conduct. The three charges carry a maximum fine of $5,000 and six months in prison.

The influencer got off with a much lighter punishment than the potential maximum she was facing. It was reported that she was ordered to pay a $285 fine, which she did on November 15.

Being An Influencer Isn’t All Fun And Games

In addition to the small fine, Sigmond also managed to avoid an appearance in a U.S. District Court. Her case was resolved through a collateral forfeiture agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona.

Given her status as a very popular influencer, coming up with the less than $300 to pay the fine wasn’t a difficult task. Coming up with the maximum fine wouldn’t have likely have been an issue either.

Sigmond has more Instagram followers than her pal, LSU gymnast and influencer Olivia Dunne. The successful NIL athlete makes a decent living off of her large following.

I’m sure people aren’t going to be happy with the slap on the wrist, but thankfully nobody got hurt and thankfully Sigmond didn’t have to serve any time in prison. We need her valuable contributions to society as an influencer.

Written by Sean Joseph

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