Olivia Dunne Shares New TikTok Video After Apparent Ban

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Olivia Dunne didn’t need much time to drop new content on TikTok after her account was restored.

The LSU gymnast’s account mysteriously disappeared from the internet for several hours Wednesday. Prior to her entire account disappearing, a massive chunk of her posts appeared to have been nuked from her feed.

While no official reason is publicly known, some have speculated she might have been hit with a brief ban for some unknown reason.

Dunne appeared to give credibility to that claim when she retweeted a tweet about being banned the same day Tom Brady retired.

Was Olivia Dunne briefly banned from TikTok? (Credit: TikTok)

Olivia Dunne makes her return.

While it’s still not known why Olivia Dunne’s account was taken down, she didn’t waste time before firing it back up.

She dropped a new video Wednesday night to let her seven million followers know she’s still active.

What happened to Dunne’s account?

As I stated above, nobody has any idea why her account was just nuked for part of Wednesday. Prior to retweeting the claim she was banned, which we can’t verify, she tweeted it was simply a glitch.

However, it’s hard to imagine a simple glitch results in one of the most popular TikTok accounts in the entire world just disappearing.

When you go to her account now, her second latest video features a warning on it about not attempting her gymnastic activities at home.

Did one of her posts accidentally trigger a ban? It’s certainly a question worth asking.

Olivia Dunne’s TikTok is back after briefly disappearing. (Credit: Olivia Dunne/TikTok)

Perhaps the public will never get an answer. Perhaps the fate of Olivia Dunne’s TikTok and its brief disappearance will be the next great internet mystery. Was it a ban? Was it a glitch?

These are the questions people need answered. For right now, people will just have to settle for her regular content as the detectives continue to dive in.

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