Model Makes Millions Making Pancakes In Her Lingerie

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There are influencers for everything these days. Up until now I didn’t know of any pancake influencers, or cooking influencers that do their thing in lingerie for that matter, but there’s no need to apply. It turns out one already exists.

Her name is Lily Shams and she’s making a killing with her unique style. According to the 25-year-old OnlyFans model, she’s pushing $4 million in earnings from her content.

Model Makes Millions Making Pancakes In Her Lingerie
OnlyFans model making money from pancake content (Image Credit: Lily Shams/Instagram)

Shams claims – or at least the headlines do – that she’s built her wealth one pancake at a time. If I had to venture a guess, I would assume that her subscribers are showing up more for the lingerie then any pancake tips she might be offering up.

Nonetheless, she did spill out her pancake secrets to the Daily Star. Shams said of her kitchen behavior, “I love to cook pancakes in lingerie I feel sexy and naughty.”

Cooking in lingerie quickly turned into an empowering experience for her. Wearing lingerie somehow granted her the increased ability to focus on her pancake making skills.

“As I begin to make the pancakes, I realize that wearing lingerie in the kitchen isn’t as strange as it sounds,” Shams revealed. “In fact, I find it quite empowering.”

“I take my time and make the pancakes with a newfound sense of precision and attention to detail.”

Lily Shams Is The Pancake Influencer We Didn’t Know We Needed

Who knew cooking in lingerie granted such powers? Her subscribers might be the only ones. If she is in fact earning millions of her pancake abilities she must keep most of that behind the paywall.

While Shams has plenty of attention commanding content on her Instagram page, there is only one reference to cooking or pancakes. It’s the picture above, which she captioned, “Cooking pancakes, bring me some eggs.

Call me skeptical, but something tells me there weren’t many actual pancakes made that day. That said, I’m not trying to take anything away from Shams.

If she wants to be a cooking/pancake influencer, or whatever her angle is here, she has my support and apparently the support of those handing over their cash.

It sounds like she knows her way around a kitchen. Well, at least more than I do, which isn’t saying much. Her favorite dessert involves pancakes and a secret ingredient.

“Nutella and pancakes [are] delicious and is my favorite dessert, and I add a secret ingredient…,” she revealed during her interview. “Mix in a small amount of vanilla extract, cinnamon, or nutmeg to the batter to give your pancakes an extra special twist.”

If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. Making pancakes in her lingerie is working out nicely for Lily.

Written by Sean Joseph

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