Wood Bunni’s No. 1 World Ranking Ignites Fury Inside The Woodworking Community

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Boy, the woodworking community really doesn’t like Wood Bunni, the newly named — by the OutKick Culture Department — world’s No. 1 ranked woodworking influencer.

The OCD (OutKick Culture Department) figured this would be great news within the world of wood because it would bring new attention from people who weren’t aware of woodworking influencers on Instagram. Wood Bunni’s world ranking was supposed to shake up Instagram algorithms.

It turns out the woodworking world doesn’t want the attention Wood Bunni, who says her dad introduced her to woodworking in 5th grade, is bringing to the industry.

Wood Bunni woodworking influencer
Wood Bunni was named the world’s No. 1 ranked woodworking influencer this week by OutKick and the news has sent shockwaves of anger through the woodworking community. / YouTube

Woodworker Erik, who has a big following inside the community, isn’t happy with me at all over my journalistic integrity. From the sound of things, the woodworking community has a big problem with how Wood Bunni skirts the OSHA rules with her dress and lack of eye protection.

OK, the community is correct on that aspect.

You never want to see influencers posting YouTube videos that morons could end up watching and learn bad eye protection habits. Wood Bunni definitely needs to clean up that aspect of her influencing game.

Now let’s get to Erik coming after myself and the OutKick Culture Department:

While Erik uses some rather harsh language to go off on me, he’s definitely not alone in his disdain for Wood Bunni and the woodworking content empire she’s building. Go to any of her Instagram posts and you’ll see multiple voices within the woodworking community who wish she’d take her content game to another industry.

He’s right, there’s a full-blown revolution taking place. The artists want Wood Bunni to take a hike and/or catch a ticket from an OSHA officer.

Let’s face it, the Wood Bunni vs. the Woodworking Community could go down as one of the great battles of 2023. This one has all the elements to become a great recurring content theme for the OCD, especially once football season ends and content slows down.

Will Wood Bunni show up to the International Woodworking Fair in August? Will the ‘real’ woodworkers run her out of the industry?

Buckle up. We’re in for a wild ride this year.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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