Steve Sarkisian Opens Up About Quinn Ewers Winning The QB1 Job For Texas

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Texas football coach Steve Sarkisian thinks Quinn Ewers is geared up for a successful season in Austin.

Ewers beat out Hudson Card to win the QB1 job for the Longhorns, and after a long journey that included a 2021 stop at Ohio State, the former five star recruit is finally a starting college QB.

More than anything, Sarkisian thinks Ewers is in a better position to have success than he was last season as a true freshman with the Buckeyes.

Quinn Ewers wins the QB1 job for Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

“I think for us, naturally he knows some of the guys on this team, being from Texas (and that) makes sense to him. He got himself an entire offseason to get acclimated, I just think all in all, it’s just a better set up for success. I don’t think it’s anything against Ohio State, I just think it was difficult for Ryan (Day) and his team to get him acclimated the way they needed to when we had months to (get him ready),” Sarkisian explained on “The Rich Eisen Show” when talking about Ewers’ situation with the Longhorns, according to 247Sports.

Steve Sarkisian discusses Quinn Ewers being the starting QB for Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

However, Sarkisian is very aware there will still be some bumps in the road when dealing with a 19-year-old kid under center who has never thrown a pass in a game.

The head coach of the Longhorns previously said there will be “growing pains” when dealing with the QB position.

However, it’s clear Sarkisian feels he finally has his man and expectations couldn’t be higher for Quinn Ewers.

Quinn Ewers faces huge expectations in 2022. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

He skipped his final year of high school to enroll early with the Buckeyes as the top recruit in his class. With C.J. Stroud becoming a Heisman contender and possible first pick in the draft, Ewers left Columbus and landed in Austin in an attempt to get on the field.

Now, he’s QB1 for one of the most historic programs in college football history, and Sarkisian likes the situation.

Will Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers live up to the hype? (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

If you’re a fan of the Longhorns, there’s no doubt there’s lots to be optimistic about. Let’s wait to officially announce Texas is back, but Quinn Ewers might certainly be spinning it this season.

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